Saudi Arabia: Hiring no longer impossible

Saudi Arabia has recently strengthened its policy of “Saudization” and it has become nearly impossible to sponsor visas for employees that don’t already have work and residency permits in Saudi Arabia. Saudization is the national policy of Saudi Arabia to encourage employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector, which, is in practice largely dominated by expatriate workers. Due to the policies promoting Saudization, it has become almost impossible to sponsor new work permits for employees coming in from outside the country to work in Saudi Arabia for the first time. Yet, trying to hire Saudi nationals to do work in Saudi Arabia is nearly impossible, since the country is already so wealthy and pays ‘reverse taxes’ to its citizens.

Our team set to work to find a solution to help clients hire in Saudi Arabia, and we have found one. Our solution in Saudi Arabia is to help foreign companies recruit employees already residing in Saudi Arabia (who already hold an Iqama, or work permit), negotiate with them to join our clients’ company, and then transfer those employees to our local partner, and assigning the employees to work on behalf of our client. All matters related to employment contract, work permit sponsorship, and compliance with local HR matters are taken care of by Globalization Partners and our local partners. We have a solution! Give us a ring if you need help in the Kingdom.