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Nicole’s tips for communicating with a global team

January 3, 2017

    Take one minute to learn important tips for how to communicate with your international workforce on this video playbook with Globalization Partners, CEO Nicole Sahin.  

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The Overseas Contractor Dilemma

July 21, 2016

The story almost always begins the same way. A first sales hire in Brazil. An amazing programmer in Poland. A QC overseer of the third party manufacturer in China. Your company has decided that this year’s business strategy will involve at least one venture overseas. This means you and your US based HR team will […]

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Brexit: The Potential Employment Impact

July 12, 2016

With the vote to leave the EU fresh on everyone’s mind, many organizations looking to expand to the UK or any of the other EU 27 countries have questions about the potential long term impact on their hiring practices. The big question as Brexit sinks in is, “What happens to employees already working across borders?” […]

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