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Our customers are on fire. Their passions, their vision and their dreams help them see new opportunities around the world, every single day. How have we been able to help them turn their business potential into real possibilities for global growth?

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The everywhere workforce is waiting for you, and G-P can get you there faster.

Today’s boundless business counts on diverse talent for success beyond borders and boundaries. Our #1 Global Growth Platform™ lets you hire top talent in over 180 countries and counting – quickly, easily, and compliantly.

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  • Distek focused initially on the EU market. The company has had great success, primarily because of its first direct hire in partnership with G‑P. This enabled Distek to minimize major burdens traditionally associated with international hiring, including complex legal, tax, and HR processes.

  • From a logistics perspective, Udemy found that in many cases, the cost and time to establish entities in every country where they needed employees was prohibitive. As such, they turned to G‑P to help employ people outside of their primary global hubs more efficiently.

  • Zoom wants to be everywhere its customers are. G‑P has played a critical role in making that happen. The company is entering a number of markets quickly by relying on G‑P's agility and speed, providing Zoom the support and flexibility required to be successful.

  • Neurala plans to continue expanding its footprint outside of its HQ in North America and has leveraged G‑P's platform to hire international employees. Through this partnership, the company’s executive team has remained nimble while garnering the highly valued talent it needs.

  • SonicWall’s experience with G‑P was a testament to how a global Employer of Record can act as an expert advisor to organizations going through change. Once SonicWall started experiencing the benefits, hiring new, highly specialized talent became an easier-than-ever task.

  • Every country is unique and has different processes for onboarding employees. While evaluating their options, Snyk found they preferred G‑P’s full stack Global Growth Platform™ for its usability, simplicity, and ease of use.

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    Through our SaaS-based platform, we help find, hire, onboard, pay, and manage team members, quickly and compliantly, to expand growth opportunities for everyone, everywhere – without the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branch offices.

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