Thank you to all essential personnel working tirelessly all over the world to defeat COVID-19! We appreciate you.

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COVID-19: What You Need to Know to Support Your Global Workforce

Business leaders around the world are actively responding to the needs of their teams in the face of COVID-19. Our expert panel shares how we’re serving our team.

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The Complete Guide to Building a Remote Global Team

Get proven, practical advice on how to set up a distributed team around the world.

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Is Remote Working The Future For Your Global Workforce?

Sign up for our upcoming webinar with HR Exchange Network to learn more about how to build a resilient, global team.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Creates a Great Global Community

Founder & CEO Nicole Sahin talks about why working with people around the world strengthens teams and encourages giving back.

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2020 Global Employee Survey Results

Our recent data shows diverse, distributed teams perform better, but they’re struggling to feel connected to HQ.

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Culture Matters: Connecting Global Teams Through Conversation

What’s the best way to engage your team who’s located around the world? It starts with a conversation.

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Employing International Contractors Can Cost You in the Long Run

When you hire international team members as contractors, you run the risk of misclassification. How much could it cost your business?

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5 Things You Should Know About Showing Gratitude to Your Global Team

Showing gratitude means more than simply saying “thank you”—especially when communicating with a multicultural team.

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