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Guinea-Bissau Recruiting and Hiring

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The most important capital for any business is human capital. Your employees are the ones who run your company’s daily operations, and their happiness and longevity impact your company’s success. Despite the importance of hiring, many companies undergoing a global expansion don’t have the time to learn how to hire Guinea-Bissau employees and follow the correct laws.

That’s where Globalization Partners comes in. We have a team of global compliance experts who will recruit, hire, and onboard your employees. We’ll use our Guinea-Bissau subsidiary to help you work fast, and we’ll handle all Guinea-Bissau employment compliance laws on your behalf.

Recruiting in Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau staffing and recruiting tasks require knowledge of the environment and the best ways to communicate with locals. Whether you’re handling recruiting yourself or working with a global PEO, you should keep a few ideas in mind.

1. Understand the Availability of Media and Telecommunications

A significant part of recruiting is having some means to contact your potential employees. In the country, operators manage telephone calls, and international calls are not very accessible. Telephone services, in general, are pricey.

Some mobile phone networks operate well, but roaming capabilities are undetermined. There is also limited postal service and internet access. Media forms are some of the best ways to advertise your positions to locals, and you can even access private radio stations and newspapers.

2. Know the History

It’s valuable to recognize that the country has different origins than its neighboring country, Guinea. Guinea-Bissau was colonized by Portugal, so its influences differ from its French counterpart. It has a long history of coups, power struggles, and political unrest, even in recent history.

Colonization exists in living memory for many locals, as independence didn’t occur until the mid-70s. This political strife is a vital context you should be wary of. However, locals found much of their identity in African culture, and connecting with locals may involve embracing those practices.

3. Tackle Language Barriers

As a former colony of Portugal, the national language is Portuguese. While official documents use this language, very few people actually speak it. The most commonly spoken language is Crioulu, which was adapted from Creole during the slave trade.

A necessary part of recruiting is communication. You’ll need a translator to interact with the Crioulu speakers, but you’ll also require a Portuguese translation for your official employment contract.

The Recruitment Process in Guinea-Bissau

Identifying a job vacancy and describing the position are simple steps in your Guinea-Bissau staffing and recruiting processes. Your recruitment plan can vary depending on how you choose to advertise your open positions. Various methods include:

  • Planning and placing your own advertisements in media forms.
  • Working with a local hiring firm.
  • Visiting the country and forming your own connections.
  • Partnering with a global PEO, also known as an employer of record, that will hire your team and take on the risk of compliance.

Should you choose to advertise your position, make sure you use Crioulu to relate to the majority of the population. Other aspects of the recruitment process should include the specifications of the job, such as salary and time off. The country’s minimum wage includes a monthly bag of rice, so make sure to include that amount in your job offering.

The law requires nine holidays off for both Muslim and Christian holidays. Employees are also entitled to 21 days of paid annual leave. Your benefits can go beyond the required minimum, which may help draw in more candidates. Other perks that could attract recruits are things such as paid parental leave, insurance, and annual bonuses.

Keep these specifications in mind when drafting your job description and interviewing candidates.

How to Hire Guinea-Bissau Employees

Guinea-Bissau’s recruitment process works much like it does in other countries. The steps include:

  • Identifying a job vacancy and evaluating the necessity of the position
  • Drafting a description of the position
  • Creating a recruitment plan
  • Selecting suitable candidates
  • Conducting interviews
  • Selecting a final candidate and hiring them

You also need to create an employment contract to hire Guinea-Bissau employees. Contracts can be oral or written, but it’s best practice to draft a strong, written contract in Portuguese. All offer letters and contracts should list salary and compensation amounts in West African CFA francs. You can include any important employment terms, but we recommend including information on compensation, benefits, entitlement terms, termination requirements, and more.

Guinea-Bissau Employment Compliance

According to Guinea-Bissau’s employment compliance laws, you can hire employees under a trial or probation period. This period cannot exceed three months if the employee is an executive or one month for all other employees. All employment contracts and letters of commitment should be issued to workers on probation within two days of the start of work.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

After learning how to hire Guinea-Bissau employees according to the right laws, you need to onboard your new employees. Guinea-Bissau employment compliance laws do not typically stipulate the onboarding process, but you should still take steps to make employees comfortable. Start by having employees sign their employment contracts and any other important company documents. After they complete their training program, you can give them more responsibilities and even sponsor employee events.

Benefits of Choosing Guinea-Bissau Hiring Outsourcing

Some companies don’t have the time to recruit employees while handling other global expansion tasks, or they may not know Guinea-Bissau’s employment compliance laws. Globalization Partners can use existing infrastructure in the company to hire employees for your company. We guarantee that each employee will have a positive hiring experience and be able to work fast. As the Employer of Record, we’ll handle all compliance on your behalf as well so that you can focus on growing your company.

Globalization Partners Has Your Interests in Mind

At Globalization Partners, we know a global expansion is time-consuming and often confusing. When you choose Guinea-Bissau hiring outsourcing with us, you can feel confident that we’ll find the right people for your team. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Global Expansion Platform™.

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