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Guinea-Bissau Work Visas & Permits

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Is your company searching for opportunities to expand in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau? Before you begin operations in this West African nation, you’ll need to build a talented team of employees to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. You might choose to relocate some team members from your parent company, recruit local talent abroad, or use a combination of both — but as the employer, it’s up to you to make sure any foreign employees have the visas and permits they need to legally work in Guinea-Bissau.

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Figuring out how to get a work visa in Guinea-Bissau is easier said than done, especially when you’re already running a successful company. Fortunately, Globalization Partners can help. As your Employer of Record abroad, we’ll hire your employees through our existing business entity in Guinea-Bissau. We’ll take on the responsibility of obtaining visas and managing all other risks of your expansion so that you can continue to focus on what you do best: managing your business.

Types of Work Visas in Guinea-Bissau

Foreign nationals who plan to travel to Guinea-Bissau will need to obtain a visa, and visa categories in the country include:

  • Short-stay visas, which are valid for a maximum of 90 days
  • Long-stay visas for extended stays
  • Most foreign nationals who travel to Guinea-Bissau for work will need to obtain a long-stay visa.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Working Visa in Guinea-Bissau?

The requirements to obtain a Guinea-Bissau visa can vary from one embassy to another. Applicants should get in touch with their nearest embassy, consulate, or diplomatic mission for the most current and accurate information regarding visa applications and supporting documents.

Foreign nationals can generally expect the need to provide the following documents if they wish to obtain a visa and travel to Guinea-Bissau:

  • A valid passport with at least one blank page for an entry stamp
  • Recent passport photos
  • Biometric data, including fingerprints
  • Proof of vaccination against yellow fever
  • Payment of the visa fee

How to Get a Work Visa in Guinea-Bissau: The Application Process

Foreign nationals can choose from two options when it comes to applying for a visa to travel to Guinea-Bissau. They can apply for a visa on arrival at the Guinea-Bissau International Airport or apply online ahead of time.

Foreigners who intend to apply for a visa upon arrival will need to bring a valid passport as well as a letter of authorization from the Migration Office in Guinea-Bissau. The process of obtaining this letter follows:

  • The applicant should send a scanned copy of their passport to their contact in Guinea-Bissau along with details about their trip, including their reason for coming to Guinea-Bissau and the planned duration of their stay. In this case, the contact will be the employer.
  • After receiving these documents, the employer should bring them to the Migration Office in Guinea-Bissau. There, they’ll submit a request for the letter of authorization.
  • The Chief Officer of the Migration Office will review the request and make a decision.
  • Upon approval of the request, the employer should send the letter of authorization to the applicant.
  • The applicant will need to bring a printed copy of the letter of authorization and present it when they apply for a visa.

If the employee applies online instead, they’ll receive an email confirming the approval of the visa. They’ll need to print this confirmation and present it to the visa officer along with their passport when they travel to Guinea-Bissau.

Other Important Considerations for Foreign Employees in Guinea-Bissau

As in any other country, foreign nationals should be mindful of the requirements of their visa. If the employee changes jobs overseas, they may need to apply for another visa or permit with their new employer.

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Expanding operations to Guinea-Bissau — or any other country — is a significant step for your company. When you’re ready to move forward, you can count on Globalization Partners to guide you through the expansion process. With an extensive network of more than 170 countries around the globe, we know how to make international expansion in your country of choice fast and easy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you employ top talent in Guinea-Bissau and beyond.

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