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Jordan Recruiting and Hiring

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After setting up your payroll, you need employees to add to it. Recruiting and hiring are two of the most important tasks you’ll undertake in any expansion. However, many companies do not have the necessary time to devote to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, especially while running a subsidiary and parent company.

The solution is Jordan hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners. Our team will use our Jordan PEO on behalf of your company so that we can act as the Employer of Record. We’ll hire employees for your company using a positive hiring experience, handle compliance, and help you start working in the country immediately.

Recruiting in Jordan

It likely took you time to understand how to effectively communicate with and extend a job offer to employees. That process can become even more difficult when staffing and recruiting in Jordan. If you’re unfamiliar with the country’s culture and business etiquette, it can help to do some research before starting the recruiting process. Here are three particular areas to understand. 

1. Focus on Relationships Instead of Schedules

The concept of time is different in Jordan than in other countries. People care more about building relationships instead of meeting deadlines or being punctual. Stay patient and build extra time into your schedule to accommodate other people. Typically, it’s necessary to make appointments and schedule them around the five daily prayer times as well as Ramadan and Hajj. Always keep these dates and times in mind when scheduling interviews with candidates.

2. Businesses Have Strict Hierarchies

Most organizations have a hierarchy and rigid structure where the people with the most authority issue directives to everyone else. Age is also an important part of the culture, so you should always show respect to elders. Whenever you enter a room or greet the people present, shake hands with the most senior person first. You can also expect that candidates may treat you with complete deference as you’ll have authority in the office. 

3. Know the Expected Conduct

When entering a meeting, you will typically introduce yourself to everyone and shake hands. Greet each person individually with a customary greeting — As-salam alaikum — meaning peace be upon you. However, men should not shake hands with a woman until the woman offers her hand first. Keep in mind that initial meetings are meant to build a personal relationship. They’re generally long discussions about family and other work-related areas over coffee or tea, and it’s considered rude to jump right into business. 

The Recruitment Process in Jordan

You have two main options for staffing your business — hiring locals or expats. There is currently a high demand for expats with certain qualifications. However, it’s more difficult to hire individuals from abroad as you’ll need to ensure they have the right visa and work permit requirements. If you decide to hire nonresidents, you can advertise on Monster Gulf, Bayt, and Naukri. 

If you’re hiring locals, you can post your job on your website and other portals. Posting on general sites such as Indeed works if you have a large staff that can comb through numerous applications. If you’d like a more tailored applicant pool, try finding websites related to your industry. You can also advertise in the classified sections of local newspapers. 

Labor Laws Related to Recruiting in Jordan

Chapter two of the country’s constitution establishes several laws that you must follow as an employer. This includes creating equitable working conditions, providing paid rest time, paying equal amounts for equal work, and allowing free trade union origination within the limits of the law. 

The Labor Code provides additional restrictions, including prohibitions against the employment of young people. A young person is defined as anyone who is at least 7 but less than 18. No one under 17 can work in a place that involves dangers, hardships, or health hazards. If a minor is working over six hours a day, they must have at least one hour of rest after four working hours. They also cannot work between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. or on religious and official holidays and weekly rest days. 

How to Hire Employees in Jordan

The best way to hire Jordan employees is through an employment contract. Jordan accepts both oral and written contracts, but we recommend creating a clear written employment contract. You need to include everything from compensation and benefits to termination terms and working hours. Offer letters and contracts should always state salary and compensation amounts in Jordanian dinar.

Jordan’s Employment Compliance Laws

Jordan’s employment compliance laws apply to everything from recruiting to working hours to contracts. Governments, banks, and most offices in Jordan are closed on Friday, which is the weekly holiday. Most businesses and banks also have a half-day on Thursday, while others take Sunday as a half-day or whole holiday.

Employees work a maximum of 48 hours a week during a six-day week, with the seventh being a paid weekly holiday. However, government departments differ, as they’re open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day except Friday. Any additional hours worked are considered overtime, and employees should get 25% over their usual wage. Any increase in daily work hours must be approved by the Minister of Labor.

How to Onboard Your Employees in Jordan

Every company has its own process for onboarding the Jordan employees it hires. While you should use a process that works for your company’s size and goals, you can take a few common steps to maximize employee success. For example, always review the employment contract and have employees sign it before they start working. Then, try to provide your employees with a high-quality job training program that will prepare them for their positions and for working with your company.

Benefits of Jordan Hiring Outsourcing

If you’re wondering how you’ll have the time to hire, you can benefit from Jordan hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners. Our team takes care of recruiting talented candidates, hiring them through our subsidiary, and assigning them to work for your company. If you’ve already picked the candidates you want to hire, we’ll onboard them to our Jordan PEO.

Every employee will have a great hiring experience if you leave it to us, and they can start working for you in a day. Since we act as the Employer of Record, we’ll handle Jordan employment compliance for you to give you the time to focus on your business.

Count on Us for Your Expansion

You can trust our team to help you achieve a fast and productive expansion. Contact us today to get started with Jordan hiring outsourcing and our comprehensive solution.

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