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Lebanon Hiring

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When you first decide to expand to another country, one of your first thoughts should be about how you’ll hire employees. Hiring is both an essential and a challenging task wherever you are, but it can prove even more difficult when you’re trying to expand to a country with unfamiliar labor laws.

Globalization Partners can save you time and help you find the best employees for your open positions. Our team of global compliance experts will use our Lebanon PEO to hire employees who work for your company. We’ll also act as the Employer of Record to handle Lebanon employment compliance on your behalf. With our team on your side, you’ll only need to focus on growing your business.

How to Hire Lebanon Employees

Learning how to hire Lebanon employees will help you succeed in meeting Lebanon employment compliance laws. It’s also important to understand the culture so that you can connect with employees and recruit successfully. About 40% of Lebanese individuals are considered francophone, with another 15% identifying as partial francophone. The majority of Lebanon’s schools teach French as a second language, while only 30% teach English as a second language. This setup demonstrates France’s continued historic ties to Lebanon, and you may need to learn French to communicate successfully with job candidates.

Lebanon’s Employment Compliance Laws

One of Lebanon’s most important employment compliance laws is that you must have an employment contract. You need an oral or written contract in Arabic to hire Lebanon employees. While you can include any terms in the contract, we recommend spelling out compensation, benefits, termination terms, working hours, and similar factors. Offer letters and employment contracts also need to use Lebanese pounds for all monetary amounts.

After hiring a new employee, you need to register them with the Ministry of Finance and social security within 15 days of their start date. Fill out the R3, R3-1, and R4 registration forms, and include a copy of the employee’s ID along with their name, gender, date of birth, marital status, number of children, and other requirements to stay compliant.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Onboarding employees will allow you to start the relationship on the right foot. If you have a small subsidiary, you can travel to Lebanon to personally welcome new employees and introduce them to each other. You can also create an intimate training process where you or another manager helps the employee every step of the way in their new position. Make sure you have employees sign their employment contract during their first day of work so that you can create a clear agreement and avoid any costly litigation.

Benefits of Lebanon Hiring Outsourcing With a Global PEO

Hiring can become a significant drain on your resources and time. Plus, you can end up facing fines or delays if you don’t know every aspect of Lebanon’s employment compliance laws. Instead, work with Globalization Partners to create a strong hiring process from the beginning. We’ll hire your employees through our existing subsidiary, then assign those employees to work for you through Lebanon hiring outsourcing. Every employee will have a positive hiring experience, and they can start working for you immediately.

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There’s no reason to wait if you’re planning a Lebanon expansion. Contact Globalization Partners today for more information about Lebanon hiring outsourcing.

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