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Maldives Hiring

Do you remember the first employee you hired to work for your company? If so, you may also remember the time and effort it took to find a team of talented employees who were dedicated to your business. You have to apply that same effort to hire talented Maldives employees who will grow your company.

Instead of worrying about recruiting the right candidates on top of your other expansion tasks, trust that Globalization Partners will take the stress of recruiting and hiring off your plate. We have a Maldives PEO you can use to work in the Maldives without your own subsidiary. Since we act as the Employer of Record, we’ll hire employees and onboard them using our existing infrastructure but assign them to work for your company.

How to Hire Employees in the Maldives

Hiring in any country almost always involves an employment contract. Learning how to hire employees in the Maldives also means learning how to create a strong employment contract. The country allows oral or written contracts, but we recommend a written contract to create a clear agreement between you and the employee. Ensure all contracts are in Dhivehi, and include terms related to compensation, benefits, termination, working hours, and all similar factors. Offer letters and contracts should also include compensation in Maldivian rufiyaa.

Maldives Employment Compliance Laws

Maldives’ employment compliance laws can vary based on your industry. There’s a huge market for foreigners, and you may need to hire some foreign employees in addition to residents. However, you should make sure to hire some residents. For example, if you’re entering the resort industry, the law requires 50% of your staff to be Maldivian.

The country also has a robust non-discrimination policy. You cannot choose an employee, figure out compensation, increase compensation, or provide training for equal work based on someone’s race, color, religion, political beliefs, or marital status. Keep in mind that the minimum age of employment is 16. Minors under 16 cannot be employed unless there’s a connection with training associated with their education.

Best Practices for Onboarding Employees

Once you hire employees according to the Maldives’ employment compliance laws, you need to onboard them. Every employee learns differently, but you can take a few steps to onboard all new employees. Start by reviewing the employment contract and having the employee sign it to make sure you agree to the same terms. Then, provide job training for your new hires related to their positions that will also help them learn about your company.

Benefit of Maldives Hiring Outsourcing for Your Company

Maldives hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will allow you to work in the Maldives in a day or two. When you work with us, we’ll outsource the entire expansion process using our Maldives PEO. We’ll recruit all the best candidates to work for your company or onboard people you’ve already decided to hire. We guarantee your employees will have a great hiring experience and can be productive right away.

Why Work With a Global PEO?

Globalization Partners is a global PEO with a history of helping companies like yours expand. Contact us today to learn more about Maldives hiring outsourcing and our global expansion platform.

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