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Mongolia Hiring

Hiring is a tricky process in any country, but it can be even more difficult in a foreign country where you’re not sure what employment compliance laws you have to follow. It’s also hard to focus on finding the right talent when you’re also trying to run your company, establish your payroll, and source benefits.

Globalization Partners can make your hiring process more productive from the start with Mongolia hiring outsourcing. We can recruit top candidates for your open positions or onboard your preferred candidates using our existing subsidiary. As a result, you can feel confident that your employees will have a positive hiring experience, and you won’t have to worry about Mongolia employment compliance laws.

How to Hire Mongolian Employees

Employers have to follow statutory requirements and procedures when hiring Mongolian employees. First, you need to register your new employee and include different documents and information, such as an employment contract, passport, ID card, residency information for expat employees, and account information for payroll.

If you decide to recruit and hire your own candidates, remember that Mongolia’s Labor Law prohibits discrimination, limitation or privilege based on nationality, wealth, religion, race, sex, and more. The country also has a prohibition on asking questions about an employee’s private life, marital status, party membership, religious beliefs, and more if the questions aren’t relevant to employment.

Mongolia’s Employment Compliance Laws

You must hire all employees in Mongolia using an employment contract, either fixed-term or indefinite, per Mongolia’s employment compliance laws. Fixed-term contracts can range up to five years and must be written. Indefinite term contracts also need to be written in the local language and include everything from compensation to benefits to termination requirements. All salary and compensation amounts need to be in Mongolian tugriks.

How to Onboard Employees

Onboarding is largely left up to companies, so you can create a process that’s best for your employees and business goals. It can help to start by reviewing the employment contract with your employees on their first day or week to make sure there isn’t any confusion or misunderstandings regarding the terms of employment. You can also take that time to go over other important company documents whether it’s a code of conduct, a sheet on your company culture, and more.

We also recommend providing job training that will help new hires excel in their positions. You can save time by onboarding several Mongolian employees you hire at one time. They can all go through the job training together, and you can help foster a sense of camaraderie among staff members.

Benefit of Mongolia Hiring Outsourcing With Globalization Partners

The biggest benefit of working with us is that we can outsource your hiring process and the worry of compliance requirements. We’ll make sure your employees can be productive from day one and meet all of Mongolia’s employment compliance laws. You won’t have to worry about anything other than running your company.

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