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Oman Compensation & Benefits

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When you think about what makes your company attractive to individuals looking for a job, you may picture your company culture, opportunities for growth, flexible hours, and similar factors. However, your employees are probably putting a bigger emphasis on the compensation and benefits you provide, and you should too.

During an expansion, you have to make sure you meet Oman’s compensation and benefit laws or face fines, penalties, and other impacts of noncompliance. Fortunately, Globalization Partners can take the stress of compliance off your shoulders and onto our own through Oman benefit and compensation outsourcing.

Oman Compensation Laws

Oman’s minimum wage for private sector employees is RO 325, where RO 225 is the minimum basic salary, and RO 100 is the minimum basic allowance. You’re responsible for paying employees through direct deposit within seven days of the end of the period when wages are due.

Your employees cannot be compelled to work overtime, but if they agree to any additional hours, they should receive more time off or anywhere from 1.25-2 times their regular salary based on when they work overtime. You should check Oman’s compensation laws to make sure you’re paying employees the right amount for any overtime they work.

Guaranteed Benefits in This Country

All employees should receive guaranteed benefits required by law. Therefore, your Oman benefit management plan should include time off for holidays and annual paid leave. Oman celebrates nine national holidays for which employees should get the day off. After an employee works for six months, they’re generally entitled to 30 calendar days of paid annual leave.

Employees should also get 10 weeks of sick leave per year and receive 100% of their wages for the first two weeks. The percentage of their wage goes down as they take more sick leave. Employers should offer full pay for special cases of leave, including:

  • Three days for marriage and the death of a close relative
  • Two days for the death of an uncle or aunt
  • 15 days for Al-Haj (pilgrimage)
  • 130 days for the death of a Muslim wife’s husband
  • 15 days to take an examination

Your Oman Benefit Management Plan

Another good way to encourage retention is by offering supplemental benefits in your Oman benefit management plan. Some common benefits employees may expect include an education allowance, mobile phone, Ramadan and Eid allowances, travel allowance, housing allowance, and medical benefits.

Oman’s compensation laws do not require a 13th-month bonus like other countries, but annual and performance-based bonuses are common. You should provide these benefits to employees to attract top talent to all your open positions.

Restrictions for Benefits and Compensation

Most companies that decide to expand the traditional way have to wait to give out compensation and benefits until they can incorporate in Oman. Globalization Partners eliminates this restriction through our Oman benefit and compensation outsourcing services. We’ll work hard to source the right benefits for your employees, and we meet all of Oman’s compensation laws, so your company will stay compliant.

Why You Should Work With Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners can help make your expansion easier. Contact us today to learn more about Oman benefit and compensation outsourcing.

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