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Oman Recruiting & Hiring

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Oman hiring and employment compliance are important factors of an expansion. You need to learn how to recruit and hire Oman employees, meet all Oman employment compliance laws, and choose whether or not you want to use Oman hiring outsourcing services.

Globalization Partners is the solution you need to take some of the stress out of staying compliant and hiring talented employees. We can use our Employer of Record platform to hire employees who work on your behalf. We’ll also handle all Oman employment compliance so that you can spend your time growing your company even further.

Recruiting in Oman

Conducting business in an unfamiliar country comes with a variety of challenges, including cultural differences. Understanding the business etiquette and workplace culture in Oman can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth recruitment process for your new company. Keep these guidelines in mind as you start setting up meetings and interviews with prospective employees in Oman.

1. Exchange Business Cards

As in many other countries, exchanging business cards is common during first meetings with candidates in Oman. You should prepare for the trip by getting business cards printed in English on one side and Arabic on the other.

When you’re offering your card to an associate or potential hire in Oman, be sure to present it with both hands. When someone gives you their card, take a moment to read it carefully before you put it away.

2. Respect Islamic Culture and Traditions

Islam is the state religion of Oman, and the majority of the population is Muslim. It’s important to make sure you understand and respect Islamic culture and traditions. Avoid scheduling meetings and interviews during daily prayer times. You should also be mindful of dietary restrictions. Followers of Islam typically do not consume alcohol or pork, so you should avoid serving either if you happen to host an event for prospective employees or new hires.

3. Take Time to Build a Relationship With Prospective Employees

In Oman, there’s a great emphasis on personal relationships in business settings. As a result, you might find that the process of staffing and recruiting in Oman is relatively slow-paced. Be patient during initial meetings. Rather than focusing too much on business, you should take this time for you and the potential hire to get to know one another. Pushing for a decision right away might drive a candidate away, causing your business to miss out on an excellent employee.

What Is the Recruitment Process in Oman Like?

An understanding of Omani culture is an essential tool you’ll want to have at your disposal during the recruitment process, but it’s equally important for your recruiting team to put some thought into the logistics of staffing in Oman. For example, you’ll want to advertise your company’s open positions in the appropriate channels to reach the pool of talent in Oman.

You might start by advertising your job postings in local Omani newspapers. English is widely spoken in Oman’s business world, and there are a few English-language dailies where you can advertise positions. To reach the widest pool of candidates, you might choose to list jobs in English-language publications as well as Arabic newspapers.

Job seekers in Oman also use job search engines, so you should list your open positions online as well.

Legal Requirements During the Recruitment Process

Unlike some of the countries you may be used to working in, Oman does not have many strict laws against discrimination in the staffing and recruiting process. However, you should keep a few specific requirements in mind.

Basic Omani law protects citizens from discrimination based on the following characteristics:

  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Social class
  • Ethnicity

These topics will most certainly come up as you’re getting to know candidates during the recruitment process, but you cannot take them into consideration while making hiring decisions.

In addition to these protections, Omani law requires large private companies to give at least 2% of their jobs t o individuals with disabilities. This requirement isn’t enforced consistently, but it’s best for your company to comply in order to avoid potential issues.

How to Hire Oman Employees

You should hire your Oman employees using a written employment contract to stay compliant. Make sure the contract is in the local language and includes information about compensation, benefits, termination, and more. Any offer letter or employment contract that includes salary or other compensation amounts must use Omani rial instead of a foreign currency.

Oman Employment Compliance Laws

Oman’s employment compliance laws heavily favor Oman citizens as part of a policy called “Omanization.” You’ll face heavy restrictions on the number of foreign nationals you can employ, and the country has industry-specific quotas for private sectors stipulating the proportion of Omani employees you must have in your industry.

The Oman Labor Law in accordance with the Sultan’s Decree no. 35/2003 outlines other Oman employment compliance laws. The laws governing employees and employers constantly change, so you should watch for other royal decrees and ministerial decisions that will impact how you operate.

What’s the Best Way to Onboard Employees in Oman?

After you hire employees in Oman, you need to onboard them. Oman’s employment compliance laws do not include any regulations about the onboarding process, so you should onboard employees using a process that makes the most sense for your company. We recommend planning out an employee’s first week to include necessary training, meetings, and time to complete paperwork.

It’s also a good idea to review the employment contract with all your new employees on their first day. Doing so will ensure that they understand all the terms at the start of their employment with your company. You can also go over your company’s code of conduct and other important documents to make sure employees are comfortable with their new position.

The Benefit of Oman Hiring Outsourcing With Globalization Partners

If you don’t feel confident about learning how to hire employees in Oman, you can outsource your hiring process with Globalization Partners. We’re experts in Oman employment compliance laws, and we’ll handle all matters of compliance for you. With our help hiring top employees and getting them started in just a few days, you can be productive in Oman sooner than any other option allows.

Let Globalization Partners Help With Your Expansion

At Globalization Partners, we believe in pushing and developing across borders. If you’re planning an expansion to Oman, reach out to us today to learn more about our Oman hiring outsourcing services and get started with the process.

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