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Slovak Recruiting & Hiring

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Many factors go into recruiting and hiring a job candidate, such as the person’s level of education, experience, and commitment to your company. However, hiring in a foreign country means you have to focus on more than just a candidate’s level of fitness for your positions. You need to learn the Slovak Republic’s employment compliance laws and keep your multiple company locations operating.

You can make your hiring process faster and easier using Slovak Republic hiring outsourcing services. Globalization Partners can hire candidates for your open jobs through our Slovak Republic PEO, then assign those employees to work for you. As the Employer of Record, we’ll be responsible for labor laws and compliance, so you can expand without any additional stress.

Recruiting in the Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic, also known as Slovakia, has influences from its former union with Czechoslovakia and new structural reforms implemented after joining the European Union (EU). If you are recruiting in the country for the first time, understanding the various cultural influences can help you connect with candidates and form a lasting employment relationship. 

Below are three things to grasp before you recruit for and staff your business in the Slovak Republic. 

1. Do Not Mix Business With Pleasure

People do not mix business with pleasure to the point that they’ll avoid asking questions about intimate personal subjects. Do not talk about finances, mention confidential business matters, or make racist or sexual jokes. Some locals may overstep the acceptable level of conversation by making jokes. However, nonresidents are expected to talk generally about only certain subjects, such as politics, the economy, and sports events. 

2. Punctuality Is Extremely Important

The entire business community emphasizes punctuality. Arriving late can reflect poorly on you as an individual, as people do not like to wait for a meeting. While a 15-minute grace period is normal in social settings, even arriving a few minutes late is frowned upon in the business environment. Appearances are also important, so you should always look clean and tidy for meetings. Men will often wear a dark-colored suit or a jacket with trousers and a tie. Women typically wear suits, as well. 

3. Greet Everyone With a Firm Handshake

All greetings include a firm handshake and direct eye contact. Always remain standing after greeting someone, waiting until everyone is invited to sit down. Seats are specifically reserved in business settings. An initial meeting is a great time to perform introductions and get to know everyone. Often, first meetings may be with a middle manager instead of the person making the decision. That time is meant to build trust and engage in small talk before discussing business. 

The Recruitment Process in the Slovak Republic

Slovakia has a vital role in central European trade. This position means there are many industries vying for employees, including the automobile, metal production, natural resources, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. With a low growth rate, some companies may look for candidates overseas to fill open positions, especially individuals in bordering countries. 

The country’s strict recruiting laws can make it difficult to even advertise open positions. Most job postings must include a job description, place of work, the date the employment starts, and the salary. Over the past decade, more people have gained access to the internet. This trend makes job boards more valuable than ever, and some of the top options include: 

  • Profesia. 
  • Kareiera Zoznam. 
  • Bazos. 

Equality and Nondiscrimination

All workers have the right to receive the same treatment per the Labor Code. Other protections include: 

  • The right to work.
  • The right to choose employment. 
  • The right to fair and satisfying working conditions. 
  • The right to protection against arbitrary dismissal from employment. 

You may not discriminate based on sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, language, genetics, politics, beliefs, and trade union activity. The Labor Code also has provisions to ensure everyone gets equal pay for equal work. The policy includes definitions of equal work, and the Statistical Office will even provide data on the average monthly wages for men and women. 

There are no gender-specific quotas, but you do have to meet certain quotas for the employment of people with disabilities. Most employers with at least 20 employees must have a staff consisting of at least 3.2% of workers with disabilities. 

When staffing your business, you need to ensure you follow these regulations or you will face fines or delays. 

How to Hire Slovak Republic Employees

The Slovak Republic legally requires you create a strong employment contract that’s either fixed or indefinite. Ideally, you should draft a strong written contract in the employee’s local language with terms such as compensation, benefits, entitlement terms, termination requirements, and more. Employees must sign this contract before they begin working with your company. All salary amounts in the employment contract and offer letter should be in Euro.

Slovak Republic Employment Compliance Laws

During and after you hire Slovak Republic employees, you need to follow the country’s employment compliance laws. For example, employees in Slovakia need to work 37 to 40 hours over five days a week.

The country introduced a new amendment in 2018 that simplified the process to hire foreign nationals. If you hire European Union (EU) citizens, they can stay in Slovakia for three months after the date of entry, after which they must apply for residence in Slovakia. Non-EU citizens can work in the Slovak Republic as long as they have a permit or a temporary residence permit based on employment.

Best Ways to Onboard Your Employees

When you onboard your employees, you want to use a process that familiarizes them with your company and their position. On the employee’s first day, you can review the employment contract with them and have them sign it. We also recommend creating a training program that will help employees learn their job duties and how to function within your company. If you have the time to travel to the Slovak Republic for an employee’s first day, you can hold a company meeting with new hires to personally introduce them to their new roles.

The Benefit of Slovak Republic Hiring Outsourcing Services

Hiring is the most important function of your subsidiary. Leaving it up to chance or spending too small an amount of time on recruiting can hurt your company in the long run. That’s why Globalization Partners offers Slovak Republic hiring outsourcing. We know how to recruit the right candidates for your team, and we’ll provide a positive hiring experience. Your new employees can start their jobs right away, and your company can start working in one or two days.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re planning to expand to the Slovak Republic, Globalization Partners can make your hiring process easier and more effective. Contact us today for more information on Slovak Republic hiring outsourcing.


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