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International Workforce Expansion for HR

We know global business expansion can be daunting for human resources. Onboarding and managing an international workforce involves challenges a U.S.-based team may not be used to handling. That's why we built this resource just for you, the HR professional in charge of your company's international expansion.

Globalization Partners can help you…

  • Onboard employees in over 150 countries
  • Manage payroll via GoGlobal™
  • Navigate the complexities of local benefits, PTO, and bonus structures anywhere

Learn how Globalization Partners can help you manage your international workforce.

Our Solution

Globalization Partners is a Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that helps companies expand to new countries without the need to establish branch offices. We can have your workforce ready and compliant in days, not months.


Onboard in over 150 countries

Globalization Partners has locally recognized business entities around the world. We put your employees on our payroll, but your organization assigns 100% of their work.

Manage with GoGlobal

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Through GoGlobal, you only need to login to one platform to manage payroll, benefits, and PTO of your entire global team.

Navigate local complexities

Your employees will be given locally compliant contracts, which take into account local—and legal—norms as well as important cultural nuances.

We’ll manage the risk, you manage your business.

Eliminate the hurdles that come with onboarding and managing a global workforce. Our Employer of Record platform launches new overseas teams quickly and efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.

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