When a Carve-Out Crosses Borders: Capturing Value and Retaining Good People

International carve-outs can be complex… but they don’t have to be.

Competition is fierce in today’s business landscape. This is why carve-out deals are a major growth opportunity. For the seller, it’s a way to show returns quickly. For the buyer, it’s a way to creatively build a portfolio of assets and talent.

However, carve-outs, especially on an international scale, come with their own set of challenges. Buyers come up against roadblocks when onboarding new employees in countries where their company does not have an established entity and isn’t registered to run payroll.

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  • Three of the top challenges to acquiring (and keeping) talent in a carve-out
  • How to cut down complexity and notorious lag time
  • Real-life stories of successful international carve-outs

Global carve-out deals can drive value. We help make it happen.

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