Globalization Partners was founded with the mission of eliminating barriers to global business, by making it easy for companies to hire overseas. For companies that want to hire an employee in a new country overseas, and skip the hassle of figuring out local labor laws and registering a full subsidiary before an employee is hired, Globalization Partners offers Outsourced Global Employment, via our Global Employee Leasing Platform, whereby Globalization Partners hires the employee of a clients’ choice on our locally compliant payroll, and lease the services of the employee back to the client.  Our platform transforms global payroll into a simple monthly invoice.  Our Global Employee Leasing Platform makes it easy to hire employees overseas with minimal time and expense.


  • Global Employee Leasing Platform – our Global PEO is designed to make hiring employees in a new country as simple and efficient as possible
  • Global Expansion Advisor – Our on-call team of global HR and finance advisors has seen it all before. Whether you’re managing a spinoff of 50 people in India or hiring a team in Europe, and our Global Employee Leasing Platform isn’t a fit, our on-call team of advisors make it easy to manage international HR and finance issues as they arise.