Our Mission

Globalization Partners’ mission is to remove barriers to global business by making it easy to hire and engage employees in more than 150 countries.

You don’t hire resources or headcount, you hire people.

Our Mission

Transcend barriers to global business, by making it easy to hire internationally.

Our Vision

Globalization Partners’ vision is a world where the coolest companies and brightest people can seamlessly collaborate, without regard to jurisdiction.


  • empower organizations to hire the most talented people in over 150 countries
  • foster an interconnected workforce that can easily collaborate across borders
  • hire only the best and brightest staff, to deliver outstanding client service and maintain our 100% client retention rates
  • use our Global Employer of Record Platform to minimize the risk, time and expense of global expansion and increase your speed of engaging your global workforce.

We enable great organizations to harness the power of the brightest talent worldwide.

We see ourselves as your trusted advisor, global expansion partner and an extension of your U.S. headquarters hiring team. Whether it’s a first time hire, a transfer after a merger or acquisition or transitioning a contractor to an employee, Globalization Partners works hand-in-hand with your team to onboard international team members in a way that demonstrates the utmost consideration for the headquarters team and your local colleague. Our goal is to lift the burden of managing global human resources from your shoulders on to ours, and ensure that you and local team have the best experience possible when you expand overseas.

For companies that want to hire an employee in a new country, and skip the hassle of figuring out local labor laws and registering a subsidiary, Globalization Partners offers our Global Employer of Record Platform, whereby Globalization Partners puts our clients’ employees on our locally compliant payroll in the country of the employee’s residence, provides statutory benefits, reimburses expenses and manages compliance. Our Global Employer of Record Platform transforms global payroll and complex international infrastructures into a simple monthly invoice and makes it easy to hire new employees overseas with minimal time and expense.

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