What We Do

We transform complex global corporate infrastructures, payroll, tax and HR compliance into one simple monthly invoice.

Does Your Company Want To...

How it Works

Globalization Partners’ unique blend of global employment services provided through our Global Employer of Record Platform enables you to accomplish all of these goals. We put your candidate on our locally compliant payroll in the country where the employee lives, and the employee works full-time and exclusively for you.

Your company chooses the local candidate

We hire the candidate and become their legal employer of record

We are responsible for making all tax filings and following all labor laws in-country

Your company continues to direct the employee’s day-to-day activities

How easy is it?

You don’t have to manage the administrative tasks across borders and time zones, because we do it for you, taking on 100% of the risk, managing the legalities, and getting the details right. You and your new hire can relax, put your worries aside, and focus on fulfilling your organization’s mission abroad.

Average Cost & Time Comparison

Partnering with us as your Global Employer of Record service provider means you have one partner who can help your business save time and up to 94% in cost!

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With Globalization Partners:

  1. You sign an agreement for global PEO services in any of over 150+ countries.
  2. We provide a locally compliant employment contract, customized with your offer, and explain local benefits and labor law.
  3. We add the employee to our already registered local payroll and set up locally required benefits.
  4. The employee is assigned to work full-time for you, while remaining legally an employee of our company.
  5. We invoice you once per month in USD for our services, including the employee’s salary, benefits and expense reimbursements.

Start to finish: a matter of days

Client commitment: about 3 hours

That’s it!

Without Us:

  1. You find a local attorney and accountant in-country, take between three and six months to set up entity, open bank account, fund capitalization, register with tax authorities.
  2. You work with a local attorney to draft a local employment contract, often without fully understanding what you’re getting yourself into.
  3. You hire a local payroll company, although they still can’t start until your entity has a tax ID and bank account.
  4. You spend a disproportionate amount of your time managing the accountant, payroll company and attorney, as well as trying to contain the risk of unforeseen labor law issues.
  5. You make many out-of-hours calls to understand unfamiliar payroll deductions and chase missing bonus payments.
  6. Make sure those overseas wires go through or payroll will be late.
  7. All for a handful of employees who are testing a new market that may or may not be advantageous to the organization next year.

Start to finish: several months if ever ending

Client commitment: Blood, Sweat, Tears, up to $100k, 10,000 emails, countless hours

And so on…