Why Us

Streamlined Global Expansion. Competence you can Trust.

Globalization Partners is a Global PEO that has redefined the way companies expand and manage their international operations. Whether you’re hiring local nationals or restructuring the employment contracts of long-term contractors, Globalization Partners’ Global PEO platform cuts costs of international expansion by as much as 94%, reduces time to onboard a new employee to days instead of months, makes running global payroll fast and easy, complies with foreign laws and benefits, and frees up your US team from managing international HR, tax and legal issues. Globalization Partners’ mission is to eliminate barriers to global business by making it easy to hire employees internationally.


Best in Class Advisors for Global Employment Solutions

At Globalization Partners, we invest in world-class people and technology. We recognize that we take on significant liabilities on behalf of our clients, and invest in a world-class team to manage that risk on our clients’ behalf. Our legal team is comprised of award-winning counsel both in the US and abroad; our operations team is comprised of professionals with long experience in the international business services industry; and our technology is unparalleled.   Headquartered in Boston and with a 100% client retention record, Globalization Partners is the highest quality Global Employment Solutions provider with global coverage.


World Class Advisory Services:

At Globalization Partners, we realize there is so much more to making an international hire than “putting someone on a payroll.” When you’ve found the perfect candidate or want to convert a valuable contractor to an employee, time and accuracy are of the essence. You need a global partner who knows the local labor and tax laws and who can help onboard a candidate quickly, and who will ensure the candidate remains confident in the choice to work on your company’s behalf. Globalization Partners has a team of experts at the ready to provide expert counseling, drawing on our deep experience and local knowledge about employment contracts, benefits, employment and tax laws in over 150 countries.


We manage compliance, so you don’t have to:

The Globalization Partners’ team lifts the daily burden of international human resources compliance from your shoulders to ours, by managing the entire process from employee onboarding through to ongoing payroll, expense report reimbursement and local HR requirements. Above all, our advice and process is focused on reducing risk, and taking proactive steps to guard against unforeseen risk.

The Globalization Partners’ team stays on top of the ever-changing employment laws in more than 150 countries around the world. As a result, you stay informed and your employees remain compliant.


Local Presence:

As your trusted advisor, we have people on the ground, in-region who speak the local language, have developed relationships and who can navigate the legal bureaucracy. You won’t have to worry about managing multiple lawyers, accountants and payroll providers across multiple borders and time zones. And, because we are already entrenched in the local market and have a locally compliant infrastructure, we are able to speed up your time to hire and decrease your costs, while consolidating your global expansion investment into a single, monthly invoice.


Client Service that is second to none:

Exemplary client service is not just our passion, it’s in our DNA. Our aim is to create passionate client evangelists and we know we can’t do that without providing a service that inspires. Every day, in every way, we work to inspire our clients to recommend us. We understand the chaotic nature of international expansion and do everything we can to ease the anxiety and smooth the path. We proudly serve clients just like you every day.


100% client retention rate and satisfaction scores unmatched industry wide.


The proof is in our client satisfaction ratings. To date, we have scored a 9 or 10 out of 10, in every category, in every client satisfaction survey and retained 100% of our clients. From Meetup to Yelp, our clients love us. Find out why by requesting a proposal.