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Our #1 suite of global employment products offers global payroll solutions to ensure that your employees are paid accurately, on time, and in compliance with local regulations.

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Offer competitive and compliant benefits packages aligned for every country in the world.

Global Benefit Packages

Managing employee benefits as organizations grow and expand globally becomes increasingly complex. Each country has its own unique nuances and requirements regarding benefits. As you consider your next hiring location, these differences must be taken into account.

Woman working remotely
Woman working remotely

Benefits Challenges

Varying benefits packages are just one aspect of the challenge. There are also complexities related to employment contracts, data privacy regulations, time and expense management, terminations, and more. 


G-P helps you with these complexities

Whether you need a supplementary benefits package or a fully customized one, our country-specific packages cater to your expanding business needs, ensuring smooth operations and compliance across different geographies.

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Payment Solutions.

By incorporating Wise payments into G-P Meridian Contractor, we have developed a rapid, adaptable, and fully compliant solution.  

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Make payments instantly, in your preferred currency and payment method.

Track payments and pay multiple invoices with full transparency.

Process batch payments for multiple invoices in your preferred currency, in a single transaction.

Secure real-time rates at the time of payment to avoid exchange fluctuation during transactions.

Save money with lower payment fees and no hidden transaction fees.

Receive clear payment summaries to review and monitor rates and fees.

Customize G-P's locally compliant contracts to save time and resources.

Create custom reports from contractor data to gain valuable operational insights.

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