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Finding the Right Talent Can Be Challenging, G-P Recruit Simplifies your Global Hiring Needs

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Today, growing companies are facing increasing pressure in a highly constrained labor market to find talent.  At the same time, finding the right recruiting partners is complex and time consuming. G-P Recruit enables a proactive recruitment approach supported by recruitment experts with deep networks to find and hire the BEST talent, not just those that are actively applying for new opportunities.

We understand international hiring and employment and G-P Recruit provides a comprehensive solution that helps remove complexity. Benefits include:

  • Candidate-led recruitment: High level of candidate care through dedicated recruitment specialists that are focused on attracting the best candidates for new opportunities.
  • Expanded candidate pool: Expand the candidate pool by targeting remote workers. Work with G-P to find the best talent regardless of location, knowing that G-P can compliantly employ them.
  • Technology enabled: Working with G-P Recruit means one contract, a simple fee structure, and a partner that is working in the best interests of the Customer, rather than needing to find, negotiate and manage multiple unknown recruitment partners. G-P Recruit supports a unified customer experience incorporated through our industry-leading global employment platform, enabling you to manage the complete HR process of talent identification, hiring, onboarding, management, and offboarding.

How it Works

G-P Recruit enables companies to quickly identify and hire new team members in key locations globally. Upon signing, companies immediately have access to our unrivaled network of recruitment partners, which are carefully vetted by our specialist partner management team – this ensures that our recruiters have deep expertise and networks in their focus areas. They are fully integrated into our platform and processes, ensuring the ideal talent is found based on each companies’ unique requirements, including industry, location, functional area or specialization, level of the role, and more.

Based on your unique combination of hiring criteria, our technology will automatically match you with recommended recruiters to find you the perfect fit – drastically increasing the efficiency of your hiring process.

The platform provides key insights which enable you to view and stay up to date on all essential global recruiting data all in one place — instead of dealing with multiple companies, points of contact, and dashboards.

How G-P Recruit Can Help Your Company

G-P Recruit

You can leverage remote working to attract the best talent: Many candidates are looking for remote work opportunities and are attracted to companies that provide the support for remote work.

Reduce concentration risk: Hire employees across multiple countries to better balance political, economic, and other risks rather than having all employees in a small number of geographic locations. You can also reduce the impact of wage inflation in key cities and countries

Simplify international recruitment: Get a unified customer experience with our global employment platform, regardless of where in the world you are recruiting…  from Sydney to San Diego.

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