NelsonHallGlobalization Partners has once again been named Employer of Record (EOR) Industry leader by NelsonHall. This is the second year in a row that G-P has led in the category that focuses on market dynamics driving adoption, how technology is shaping and impacting the industry, and includes an evaluation of the growing list of companies providing products and services.

Learn how we maintained our leadership position among a growing list of competitors that entered the market since the last report was conducted in 2020 and how our Global Growth Platform™ stands out from the competition.

The Research Findings

NelsonHall identified G-P as a leader in the overall market segment, as shown in the NEAT Chart below. Reflecting our ability to meet future client needs as well as delivering immediate benefits to our current global clients.

We continue to advance our technology and international expansion initiatives, and the research recognizes G-P’s expertise across many aspects in several key areas.

G-P Recruit

Globalization Partners Again Named Industry Leader by NelsonHall

One of our latest products that highlights our commitment to technology-focused R&D as well as AI integration. G-P Recruit matches customers with a global network of recruiting specialists based on hiring location, industry sector, functional area, and level of role.

G-P Contractor

As customer demands grow, so does the ability of our platform to support compliant hiring globally. We recognize the need and demand of employers looking to hire contractors. G-P Contractor enables companies around the world to access key talent for fixed-term, highly critical projects and to facilitate payment.

G-P Open API

G-P’s open API makes it easier for organizations to hire and manage global talent by simplifying and automating tasks across multiple platforms including third party HCM solutions. Now users can retrieve and eliminate manual data entry between HR systems, reducing errors and supporting data governance processes.

Additional Research Findings Highlights G-P’s Many Strengths:

  • Recent equity funding awards totaling $350m will secure continued technology advancements and international expansion initiatives and help ensure G-P’s place as the established provider of AI-enabled and technology-based global employer of record solutions.
  • Our global infrastructure comprises a SOC 2-certified full technology stack and in-house HR, tax, and legal resources to support consistent service quality, minimize reliance on third-party in country providers (ICPs), and increase data security.
  • Our robust strategic partner roadmap to meet current and anticipated future technology, customer, worker, and strategic growth initiatives.
  • We have deep experience with M&A and PE/VC firms globally, the ability to offer Multicurrency payment options, including cryptocurrency.
  • Our unprecedented 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Our Local Market Focus

Localization is important to us and it’s especially important to our customers. Being able to provide them with our deep knowledge of local customs and laws is one of the many factors that sets us apart from the competition. NelsonHall recognized our continued focus on local market presence to support a consistent customer experience across Asia Pacific, EMEA, North America, and Latin America targeting and supporting talent across all industries.

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