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For companies that want to hire employees in a new country overseas, and skip the hassle of figuring out local labor laws and registering a branch office or subsidiary, Globalization Partners offers a Global Employer of Record Platform, whereby Globalization Partners puts our clients’ employee on our locally compliant payroll in the country where the employee lives, and assign the employee to work full-time and exclusively for our client.  Our platform transforms global payroll into a simple monthly invoice.  The Global Employer of Record Platform makes it easy to hire employees overseas with minimal time and expense.

When an employee is hired via our Global PEO, the employee is hired as an extension of a company that is already legally registered as an employer in-country.  We process expense reports, take care of tax issues, and set up the employee’s local benefits with the streamlined ease of a company that has done it hundreds of times before.   Lifting the burden of international human resources, employment, and tax issues from your shoulders to ours via our Global Employer of Record Platform is not only a benefit to our clients at headquarters, but also to the local employees.  Rather than manage administrative issues on behalf of headquarters from afar, they can rest assured that their payroll and benefits will be managed exactly as it would be for any local company, and focus on the role for which they were hired.

How does our Global Employer of Record Platform work?

goi2Globalization Partners and the Client sign a contract for services in any one of more than 150 countries.

We request information for the basic terms that have been negotiated with the candidate of your choice, or, if assistance negotiating in local terms is required, we advise you throughout the process.

Our team sends a draft employment contract for the clients’ review to make sure the terms state the benefits that have been negotiated with the employee.

Upon client approval, our local team contacts the candidate, asks the employee to sign the employment contract, and collects data for his/her payroll in the local country.

We add the employee to our already-registered, local payroll.

We set up locally required and supplemental benefits, as requested or required.

The employee is assigned to work full-time for the client and reports to a designated manager on your team. Legally, s/he is an employee of our company or our local partner company, however, the employee works on your behalf and under your company’s direction.

Once set up is complete, the Client receives an invoice once per month for our services which are inclusive of the employee’s salary, benefits, expense reports or other costs, plus our service fee.

Our Global Employer of Record Platform is designed to make hiring an employee in a new country as simple and efficient as possible by providing international Employee Leasing, Co-Employment, Employee Dispatching, or PEO, depending on the country in which our client wants to hire.  Globalization Partners can help you payroll an employee in the country of your choice without formal registration for payroll.  Globalization Partners offers a PEO service in more than 150 countries.  In countries like the UAE, Qatar, Brazil, and some other countries, we can also sponsor your employee’s residency visas and work permit.

Our Global Employer of Record Platform is designed for companies and organizations that need to hire employees in a new country, but do not want to incorporate a local company prior to the employee’s start date.   Our platform enables clients to launch operations more quickly than local incorporation procedures would permit. The service gives our clients the opportunity to launch new overseas teams quickly and efficiently, while minimizing cost and risk.

Where do we provide Outsourced Global Employment Services?

Globalization Partners provides a Global Employee Dispatching or Global PEO service in 150 countries including China, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the Philippines, as well as “easier” countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.   We offer global outsourced payroll services in over 150 countries.  For a full list of countries, please see our country list.

Benefits of Global Employee Leasing

  • Fastest and most painless way to hire an employee in a new country
  • No immediate requirement to incorporate a local company or appoint auditors, accountants and lawyers
  • As the legal employer of record, our local companies are highly invested in a productive and compliant HR relationship with the overseas employees, ensuring minimal severance and termination issues
  • The ability to test a new market with minimal investment; although your employee may be employed through us permanently
  • Alignment between our interests and yours

Our Global Employer of Record Platform is Ideal for Organizations:

  • Need to hire employees in a new country immediately
  • Need further market exploration before committing to a subsidiary and full office infrastructure
  • Want a low-risk, cost-controlled presence
  • Want to enter a new market quickly and efficiently, while maximizing results

Our Global Employer of Record Platform enables you to establish a team in a new country in the quickest and most efficient way possible.


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