Global Office Incubator™

Global Employee Leasing and Global PEO

The Global Office Incubator™ is designed to make hiring an employee in a new country as simple and efficient as possible by providing international Employee Leasing, Co-Employment, Employee Dispatching, or PEO service, depending on the country you want to hire in.  Globalization Partners can help you put payroll an employee in the country of your choice without formal registration for payroll.  Globalization Partners offers a PEO service in 100 countries, and in countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Brazil, we can also sponsor your employee’s residency visas and work permit.

Our solution is to put your employee on our payroll and provide a place in our office where the employees can start working for you immediately.  The international employer of record is one of our subsidiaries or one or our partner companies that is registered to hire individuals in that country.  This enables a fully-compliant payroll and locally compliant benefits in countries ranging from the United Kingdom to South Africa, to Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.  Our Global Office Incubator™ enables clients to launch operations in a new country without the time delays, expense and headache of establishing a full legal entity at the outset.

Our Global Office Incubator is designed for companies and universities that need to hire employees in a new country, but do not yet want to incorporate a local company immediately. It also enables clients to launch operations more quickly than local incorporation procedures would permit. The service gives our clients the opportunity to launch new overseas teams quickly and efficiently, with minimum cost and risk.

How does the Global Office Incubator™  Global PEO work?

  • You recruit and select the employee you’d like to hire, in the country of your choice
  • Globalization Partners engages those individuals to work as an employee for a legal entity registered in the country of their residence on a full-time basis, delivering the objectives specifically set out by your company
  • According to your instructions and in accordance with local labor legislation, we set up and manage the employee’s benefits and payroll
  • In some countries, as an optional service, we provide a managed office space in which the employees can work and be part of a larger team environment.
  • When you are ready to establish a full legal entity in-country, Globalization Partners will help incorporate the company, and manage the transition of the employees to that subsidiary on your behalf.


The Global Office Incubator™ provides a Global Employee Leasing or Global PEO service in countries including China, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the Philippines, as well as “easy” countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.   We offer PEO services in 100 countries.  For a full list of countries, please see our country list. 


Benefits of the Global Office IncubatorGlobal PEO


  • Fastest and most painless way to set up an office in a new country
  • No immediate requirement to incorporate a local company or appoint auditors, accountants and lawyers
  • As the legal employer of record, our local companies are highly invested in a productive and compliant HR relationship with the overseas employees, ensuring minimal severance and termination issues
  • Use of a professional office without the inefficiencies of leasing an entire office
  • The ability to test the market with minimal investment
  • Upon completion of an agreed time period in the Global Office Incubator, the people working on your behalf in-country can be transferred to your own locally registered company


The Global Office Incubator™ is ideal for organizations that:


  • Need to hire employees in a new country immediately
  • Need further market exploration before committing to a subsidiary and full office infrastructure
  • Want a managed office environment for local employees
  • Do not want to have fixed overheads in terms of office leases and entity management
  • Want a low-risk, cost-controlled presence
  • Want to enter the market quickly and efficiently, while maximizing results


The Global Office Incubator enables you to establish a team in a new country in the  quickest and most efficient way possible.