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Phenom's Employee-Centric Approach Embraces Location Flexibility

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About Phenom

Phenom is a global HR technology company based in Ambler, Pennsylvania, that helps people find the right job. It provides purposeful, AI-powered talent solutions to global enterprises, helping organizations streamline employee recruitment, development, and retention processes.

A personalized solution for a billion people working remotely

Phenom has over 1,000 employees globally, and their mission is to help a billion people find the right job. To continue serving this vision, it is important they hire the right people for their team, no matter where they live.

“[Phenom] is not an American company. This is a global company. And we are focused on our own people to make that impact, and our purpose to help a billion people to find the right job,” said Joyce Cornelissen, Head of People EMEA at Phenom.

A time-sensitive acquisition caused Phenom to consider entity setup alternatives

Phenom had an extensive presence in North America and was looking to grow and expand in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

To support their efforts in the European region, Phenom acquired Endouble, an Amsterdam-based company known for enhancing candidate experience across Europe.

However, many employees transferring to Phenom were located across EMEA, especially in Spain and Italy. Phenom didn’t have an entity in either of these countries, and the company needed to retain the talent located there.

“We had to quickly maneuver through this whole new situation where we didn’t have an entity in Spain and Italy but needed these people because of their great talent. We had such great contact with Globalization Partners. It was a great idea to work on getting those employees on board with us…so that’s where it all started.”

Giving transferring employees a personal, supportive experience

An acquisition can be a stressful time of rapid change for transferring employees, so companies must focus on delivering a seamless experience, especially when the acquisition occurs in a remote work environment. Working with Globalization Partners ensured transparency in every step of the onboarding process for Phenom’s new employees.

“It was amazing because everything was done quickly. Whenever the employees had a question, they would get an answer within 24 hours. It was just as smooth as possible,” said Cornelissen.

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Providing location flexibility keeps companies competitive in the search for talent

The most important factor for a company is to be able to compliantly onboard the best talent, even if they don’t have a physical presence in that area. Phenom capitalized on this flexibility of onboarding new employees anytime, anywhere.

“We are interviewing somebody for a position, and she’s located in Ireland and looking to move to Spain. Prior to Globalization Partners, we would just say, no, we cannot hire this person. And now, we’re like, go ahead, we can hire her. We can use Globalization Partners.”

Many employees would appreciate the flexibility of being able to relocate or return to their home countries to be near family. This is challenging for companies to support without an entity in place.

In addition, there are complexities surrounding benefits, international payroll, and compliance that come into play. However, working with a global Employer of Record eliminates these hurdles.

One of the things we showcase here and tell people is, hey, if you want to work from another country, go ahead and do it. We will happily get you set up. We have the right skills and the right partners to help you get there.

Joyce Cornelissen

Former Head of People EMEA at Phenom

Agility is key to success in the modern age

Companies need not take the traditional route for international growth by setting up time-consuming and costly entities. Instead, using quicker and agile solutions, such as an Employer of Record, can help save time and broaden the talent pool.

I think companies shouldn’t bother themselves by starting up an entity somewhere. Especially when there’s an easy solution to your problem. There’s great talent everywhere and people showed that remote working is an option. Why not be flexible as a company when there are great solutions available?

Joyce Cornelissen

Former Head of People EMEA at Phenom

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The future is bright

For long-term growth, companies need to put the right foundations in place. A successful business alliance is driven by shared visions and goals. That is why Phenom is looking to leverage Globalization Partners as their company continues to grow.

“I think that our partnership will only grow and evolve since EMEA is going to be such a big part of our lifecycle. And right now, we are even looking at moving to Asia-Pacific. So, I’m already asking, ‘Hey, do you cover Australia? Yes, you do. OK, perfect.’ We can go overseas and that’s going to make everything so much easier. So, this partnership can go a long way.”

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