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Karger Publishers’ Worldwide Presence Extends the Reach of Global Health Sciences

Organization Size200+ employees
Use CaseEnter new markets
15countries supported
1-weekaverage to onboard professionals

About Karger

Karger Publishers (Karger) is a worldwide publisher of scientific and medical content based in Basel, Switzerland. The publishing house is dedicated to serving the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians, and patients with publications of high-quality content and services in health sciences. Today, Karger boasts a workforce of more than 200 employees and maintains a global presence across 15 countries.

Founded in 1890, the mission of Karger Publishers (Karger) is to connect and advance the global health sciences industry. With the support of G-P, Karger has identified boundless potential to connect with its customers and nurture relationships around the world.

Connecting health sciences communities around the world

The independent and family-led organization has been continuously evolving, keeping pace with the current developments and shifts in research and publishing.

“Our organization is dedicated to serving the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians, and patients,” said Daniel Ebneter, Chief Executive Officer at Karger. “Karger helps connect and advance the health sciences by developing deep and meaningful relationships with the research community and with each of our customers.”

Broadening accessibility to medical research through new relationships

Karger is committed to making science accessible to a global audience, so expanding to have a presence in a multitude of countries is essential to its mission.

“A successful publisher must be good at forging relationships with customers, editors, authors, researchers, and reviewers worldwide,” said Ebneter. “Building steadfast relationships has always been critical to Karger. Having local operations in the countries in which we have customers is key to building sincere connections, as well as producing and disseminating trusted content. But, hiring people in markets outside of your own presents a unique set of challenges.”

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Navigating global market expansion with G-P

To bring on team members outside of its home markets, Karger opted to work with an employer of record (EOR) – an outsourced organization that allows companies to hire around the world without setting up a legal entity – to simplify the complexities and mitigate any risks associated with global expansion and employment.

As Karger expanded its global footprint, the organization began working with global growth expert, G-P, in 2021 after outgrowing its original EOR partner.

“Our team agreed that having a harmonious approach to international employment was crucial to Karger’s future growth into all corners of the world,” said Daniela Zimmermann, Head of Human Resources at Karger.

We conducted research on different global employment partners, and for us, the best decision was to collaborate with G-P. We are truly happy with that choice.

Daniela Zimmermann

Head of Human Resources Karger

Karger leverages the global employment products in G-P Meridian Prime™ to strategically hire, onboard, and manage its international teams.

“G-P serves all our offices internationally, they are located exactly where we need them to be, and the collaboration with folks at G-P has been outstanding since day one,” added Zimmermann. “They have proved to be a reliable and trusted partner.”

Maximizing market growth strategies

Today, G-P supports Karger by managing local employment regulations, legal compliance, payroll, benefits, and administrative tasks for global employees in 15 countries. This enables Karger to concentrate on core operations and its regular activities of engaging with the global medical and scientific research communities. G-P’s goal is to empower Karger to continue its global expansion with confidence and ease.

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Trying to uncover and understand the unique regulations around hiring employees in each country is a very cumbersome task. G-P makes it easy.

Daniela Zimmermann

Head of Human Resources at Karger

“As soon as we inform G-P that we want to hire someone, we can have the person employed within a few days. They always respond promptly and provide swift assistance. G-P’s global employment expertise is unmatched.”

While G-P is the legal employer of some Karger employees, Karger manages the day-to-day activities of all its team members.

“All of our talented professionals are fully recognized as Karger employees,” said Ebneter.

Any colleagues hired via G-P are treated identically to any other member of our staff.

Daniel Ebneter

Chief Executive Officer at Karger

Exploring future horizons

Karger plans to continue partnering with G-P as it expands to new markets around the globe and brings health sciences publications to an even broader audience. From simple queries to the most detailed international employment questions, G-P supports Karger every step of the way as it continues to grow its global presence.

“We are expanding further in the international field, and I’m really looking forward to being exposed to various cultures and people,” said Zimmermann. “Through G-P, I continuously learn about certain specialties related to contract law or labor law specific to each country.”

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