Is your company beginning to hire globally? Globalization Partners teamed up with JazzHR to share our top four international recruiting tips.

There are ample reasons to expand your talent search outside your home market. Companies that take the leap to become international create strong teams thanks to diversity in the workforce, and business diversification, which builds resilience. They also have more opportunities to explore demand further afield, opening opportunities for continued expansion.

Building international teams can be beneficial for your company’s growth, but it can consume time and resources – more so than when recruiting in your home market – when starting without any existing infrastructure in place. What international recruiting tips have worked for the experts?


Tip 1: Get everyone on board with the idea of hiring globally

When you propose a strategy to explore global talent, having buy-in from all your company’s executives is ideal. Leadership can help with the talent search, so it is critical they understand its value.

So how can you convince execs that hiring abroad is good for business? The main advantage to cite is that the further from your region you look for talent, the less you’ll be competing with other companies in your own backyard. Hiring abroad opens the door to a diverse and larger talent pool, so you can find the perfect person for the job, rather than just candidates who live within the perfect commuting distance to your office.

You may want to confirm with your execs if your workplace will remain fully or partially remote following social distancing. As JazzHR says, “It’s up to your company to discern whether you want to take the complete plunge and become a remote-first company, or simply a remote-friendly one.” A remote-first company culture facilitates international team management, so it’s essential that every level of leadership aligns on a policy.

Tip 2: Identify experienced partners to fill gaps

One of the first steps when hiring in a new market is to assess your internal team’s capabilities for handling the project, and where you need to find a partner.

[bctt tweet=”One of the first steps when hiring in a new market is to assess your internal team’s capabilities for handling the project, and where you need to find a partner.  ” username=”globalpeo”]

For example, if your company doesn’t have an entity setup in the country where your target candidate lives, navigating subsidiary setup can become complex and will certainly consume time and money. You may spend excessive amounts on setting up entities and navigating regulations abroad, when you could team up with experts and save yourself the headache.

Globalization Partners can help you understand the ins and outs of compliant international hiring, ensure a smooth onboarding and offboarding if necessary, and provide all the contacts your regional teams will need to answer questions in their local language and time zone. We partner with companies that want to hire the right person, wherever they live.

Secondly, team up with a company that can connect you with job seekers from across the world. Thanks to the rise of remote work, these connections are more important and powerful than ever. JazzHR helps businesses across all industries and locations transform the way they hire. With a robust partner ecosystem, companies can build diverse, distributed teams from anywhere in the world through one centralized platform.

Tip 3: Lean on technology

Consider your team’s generation and experience level, then choose technology that they can adapt to and that they are comfortable using. One way to do this is to ask the teams what technology has helped them manage workflows, client communications, automations, etc. in the past.

Jazz HR’s suite of sourcing technology allows teams to reach the most relevant candidates for their unique needs, so your teams have candidate sourcing covered, as well as employer branding, interviews, reporting, and collaborative hiring. This technology adapts to companies as they grow, too, since it is highly customizable and integrates with the top HR tools.

At Globalization Partners, we developed an industry-leading proprietary software platform to ease the burden of onboarding and managing employees around the globe. We know that hiring internationally is already a big jump for a company, so our tech aims to make the rest of the process as simple as possible.

Tip 4: Look for team culture fit

One of the most impactful international recruiting tips is to know how to assess for culture fit. JazzHR reported that, now that HR teams are hiring remotely, understanding a candidate’s culture fit is more of a challenge. According to The Society for Human Resources Management, the result of turnover due to poor culture fit can cost an organization 50-60 percent of the person’s annual salary.

Recruiters and hiring managers may focus excessively on parallel cultures, such as assuming a new hire that speaks the same language as you do at headquarters will share similar work styles and expectations. This simply isn’t a catch-all rule, and, in fact, country culture is less important than team culture.

When recruiting, consider what work styles have prospered at your company. Do you need movers and shakers to take the lead on networking? Do you need self-starters who will take care of the finer details so you can focus on the big picture? Do you need people with sensitivity to others’ needs in order to keep your product in line with clients’ evolving businesses?

Get more insights and international recruiting tips

When in doubt, ask an expert to guide you through the process. Even if you’ve already begun your global expansion, it’s never too late to hand over the administrative burden of recruiting, hiring, and managing international teams so you can focus on growing your business.

At Globalization Partners, we’re excited to announce our partnership with JazzHR to offer an end-to-end recruiting, hiring, and onboarding solutions when your company is ready to hire global talent.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering together, bringing our best-in-breed technologies and expertise into one world,” said Amanda Friedl, VP of Strategic Partners, JazzHR. “As ADP marketplace partners, JazzHR recently won the 2020 ADP Marketplace Best Marketing and PR Award, and Globalization Partners took home the ADP 2020 Rising Star Award, proving further that we are set to facilitate SMB growth.”

Learn more about the process of building a remote global team here.

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