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International expansion can be complex, but taking your company overseas is an essential step toward your success in the long term.

Compensating your employees and providing benefits are two important areas of focus when employing a global workforce. Legal requirements for international employment are complicated, and failure to comply can have serious consequences.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate these issues on your own. At G-P, we position your company for a smooth expansion into your country of choice. Outsource your compensation and benefits responsibilities with our global PEO services.

Our custom benefits packages and compensation solutions support your company throughout your growth. We ensure compliance and give you an advantage over other international companies looking to expand in Haiti.

Haiti Compensation Laws

A standard workweek lasts for six days, and each day is eight hours long. Workers who perform overtime and night work are eligible for increased pay for those hours.

Though an established minimum wage exists in Haiti, it varies across industry segments. Some workers must receive a certain hourly wage, while others, particularly in the garment industry, work for a piece rate. Here’s a breakdown of minimum wages in different industries as of 2019:

  • Segment A: 550 gourdes per day.
  • Segment B: 440 gourdes per day.
  • Segment C: 385 gourdes per day.

Servants who work a standard eight-hour day receive 250 gourdes each day. Employees for piece work companies that export earn 500 gourdes, and those who work for private education and health institutions earn 440 gourdes .

Guaranteed Benefits in Haiti

Employees are entitled to several benefits, many of which vary based on how much time they’ve worked for your company. Guaranteed benefits include paid vacation time and sick leave.

Employees receive paid time off for holidays, and agreements to surrender those rest days are not valid. Employers must pay six weeks of maternity leave, and the Office of Occupational Accident Insurance, Sickness, and Maternity  (OFATMA) pays the other six weeks.

Each year, employers pay a compulsory bonus to each worker, regardless of how long they’ve been employed. This bonus is an additional salary paid between December 24 and 31. Employers must pay a bonus that equals at least 1/12 of the employee’s yearly salary or one month’s wages.

Haiti Benefits Management

Providing comprehensive benefits keeps your company compliant with labor laws. These offers can also make your company a more appealing workplace. When you search for international talent, you’ll find candidates who are in high demand. By providing a competitive benefits package, you can attract trained, valuable candidates to bolster your global workforce.

Employers must register with OFATMA and make contributions toward their employees’ insurance. You must contribute to your employees’ pension through the National Office for Pension Insurance.

Choose G-P Today

Expanding companies benefit from working with a global PEO for Haiti benefits outsourcing. Our resources include a skilled legal team and in-country experts who will make sure your company complies with legal requirements. Choose from a sliding scale of compliant benefits packages to build out your company’s offers for international talent.

Our comprehensive solution features compensation and benefits management, and we scale our offerings to provide support during every stage of international growth. We’ll look out for new and changing restrictions to ensure your company is always compliant.

At G-P, we work to make sure the advantages of branching out outweigh the complications. Your company will have access to the experience and advice of our legal and HR teams. We’ll take on your extra responsibilities and risks as our own.

Contact us for more information about compensation and benefits outsourcing.


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