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April 19, 2023

Experience a Live Demo of G-P Meridian Suite™



Ahuizotl CruzSales Support Engineer at G-P

About this event

Are you ready to tap into the everywhere workforce with greater ease and confidence than ever before? Then join us on April 19 as we introduce G-P Meridian Suite™, the first fully customizable suite of global employment products.

G-P Meridian Suite sets a new industry standard by offering two new packages of global employment products to build on: G-P Meridian Core™, to simplify global growth and accelerate expansion with our fast and powerful new all-in-one package, and G-P Meridian Prime™, where the simplicity you want meets the expert guidance you need with our new premium global growth package.

Our global hiring expert, Ahuizotl Cruz, will detail our new G-P Meridian Suite offerings, including:

  • G-P Meridian Core essential features
  • G-P Meridian Prime premium features and services
  • G-P Meridian Select optional add-ons
  • Third-party integrations & API updates
  • Robust fintech and transactions capabilities
  • Streamlined and powerful reporting and insights

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