As the gears of the first business quarter start turning ever faster, keeping a finger on the pulse of global workforce trends will be key for companies seeking to navigate this year’s terrain. Our latest eBook draws from our global survey of 8,000 professionals to uncover the leading trends that are likely to shape the workforce this year.

This heightened awareness is especially important as business leaders and top talent worldwide are embracing a global mindset, signaling that the future of work is becoming increasingly global. Our 2024 Global Workforce Trends eBook brings together our findings to help companies prepare for another year in a challenging and evolving landscape of work. Among the insights you’ll discover are these top five trends that are likely to have the most substantial impact on businesses this year: 

  1. Employees are ready to answer the call of the global growth revolution.
  2. Employee experience will be vital to build successful global teams.
  3. Employers must focus on total compensation.
  4. Soft skills will increasingly influence hiring decisions.
  5. The challenges of AI must be successfully bridged through upskilling. 

G-P’s findings reveal a global mindset has arrived.

For example, G-P’s data reveals that more and more employees worldwide seek opportunities to work with global companies. But that is not all. Amid this interest in joining a global workforce, our findings show that companies can successfully position themselves to succeed by upskilling their workforce, using data to overcome hiring roadblocks like salary benchmarking, and adapting their workers to a global mindset by developing soft skills.

In addition to these trends, G-P’s research also emphasized the need for companies to take proactive measures in 2024 to address employee apprehensions regarding the continuing entrenchment of artificial intelligence (AI). Our findings revealed a clear division of how employers and employees view the revolutionary technology. While employers are enthusiastic about the potential of AI, employees worry it can be detrimental to the perceived value of their work.

To learn more about these five important workforce trends, download the full findings in our in-depth 2024 Global Workforce Trends eBook.

How G-P can help

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