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G-P’s 2023 Global Growth Report Reveals the Future of Work.

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Our Survey Of 2,500 Business Leaders and 5,500 Professionals Shows the Global Growth Mindset is here.

Global expansion. Global team building. Global success. Ideas that were once just possibilities have now taken root as a global growth mindset – according to a new report from G-P – that is being embraced as the future of work by top business leaders.

That’s why G-P is working to create a modern, globally compliant business environment, with new global growth technologies that holistically support the rise of the everywhere workforce, helping companies of all sizes to achieve next level growth on a global scale.

Our survey reveals some dramatic finds showing that business leaders, companies and working professionals alike believe the “everywhere workforce” is here to stay:

  • 73% of C-Suite leaders are prioritizing growth in 2024, despite economic uncertainty and talent shortages, proving that a global mindset is paramount for organizations that want to thrive.
  • 66% of leaders say building global teams is part of their business strategy – including 28% who say it is central to that strategy – indicating that global growth is essential to remaining competitive.
  • 81% of business are already actively engaged in global recruitment, showing the willingness to look beyond borders to hire talent from other countries.
  • 48% of executives think global business are better at adopting new technology like AI, believing that they are more successful at multiple facets of business practices.
  • 95% of professionals believe global companies outpace their peers, citing access to better pay and benefits, more opportunity to acquire new skills, the chance to work in a culturally diverse environment, and greater flexibility as strengths.
  • 79% of professionals want to work for a global company, including 88% of those already searching for a new position or likely to within the next 6 months.

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