Globalization Partners and Tempus

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How Can Globalization Partners Help Your Client?

International Workforce Management for Human Resources Professionals

  • Hire and onboard employees quickly and easily in more than 187 countries
  • Manage international payroll without having to setup an entity
  • Administer international benefits in compliance with local employment law


International Expansion Cost Control for Financial Professionals

  • Minimize the cost of global expansion
  • Avoid setting up local bank accounts
  • Adherence with local tax law


International Compliance for Legal Professionals

  • Bypass entity setup and compliantly hire international talent
  • Protect HR data in line with local privacy laws
  • Mitigate risk of exposure to costly penalties, fines, and litigation


International Business Advantage for CEOs

  • Eliminate the administrative burden of business expansion
  • Avoid legal and financial red tape
  • Test international markets quickly

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