Will Work from Home (WFH) Evolve into Work from Anywhere (WFA)?


Nicole SahinCEO and Founder, Globalization Partners
Janeen SpeerVice President, Talent, Shopify
Darren MurphHead of Remote, GitLab
Alex HowlandPresident and Co-Founder, Virbela

About this webinar

Technology and digital connectivity have advanced far and wide, to the point where employees need not be tethered to their workplaces. The pandemic has proven that entire workforces can work remotely and virtually from around the world.

This realization of geographical flexibility has undoubtedly encouraged many to dream of moving to exotic locations — or at least relocating out of their current city.

However, multiple concerns are mounting surrounding the Work from Anywhere (WFA) model’s impact on regulation, compensation, data security, and collaboration. Business leaders need answers to questions, and who better to learn from than remote work pioneers and experts?

Join Nicole Sahin, CEO, Globalization Partners, along with Janeen Speer, Vice President Talent, Shopify; Darren Murph, Head of Remote, GitLab; and Alex Howland, President and Co-Founder, Virbela, as they discuss the possibility of the evolution of Work from Home (WFH) to Work from Anywhere (WFA).

Key questions answered in this session will include:

  • What are the realities of WFA from a legal and contractual perspective?
  • Is location-based pay scale fair for employees relocating internationally?
  • To what extent can we expect the outsourcing of remote work and skill sets to continue?
  • How can local hubs or satellite offices provide touchpoints for remote workers?
  • How are virtual environments facilitating more productive and collaborative teams and remote operations?

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