Want to see how our full stack global employment platform works? Now you can, with our new online experience.

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Just go here, make an account, and follow the guided steps to see how to:

  1. Automatically generate a compliant employment contract.
  2. Set up benefits in each country you wish to hire.
  3. Access reporting dashboards that give you insights on benefits costs, enrollment, and more.

See what you’ll explore in our platform:

1. Employment contract generator

Generate an international employment contract in a few minutes? In Germany? Canada? Australia … and more? Automatically?

You bet.

The employment contract generator is one of the highest leverage tools to help our customers scale their teams – and do so compliantly.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours systemizing compliant employment contracts for nearly every country in the world, so that with just a few clicks, you can share a contract with a new team member.

employment contract generator


Our platform gives you clear, easy steps like:

  • Enter team member information, including name, job title, and start date.
  • Determine the employee’s supervisor, as well as who will approve their time and expenses.
  • Enter compensation information, as well as visa status and location.

Along the way, our platform shows what employers are legally required to provide in each country, so you can make sure your contract is both competitive and compliant.

From there, it’s easy to review, approve, and share – you’ve just made an offer! You’ll get an instant alert when your candidate accepts.

“Now we can generate the contract in the Globalization Partners system. Before, we had to fill out a bunch of information. But now that we can generate it more automatically, it is a lot faster.”
– Katherine Corwin, Human Resources Business Partner, Dataiku

Read more about how Dataiku hires the best talent they can find (in the world), and has grown their team in Canada, Singapore, and South Korea. 

2. Guided benefits setup

When you’re offering global benefits, it takes days – maybe even longer – to figure out what’s legally required in each country, as well as what’s standard. What do most companies offer?

We’ve designed benefits packages for each country that meet compliance requirements, but also align with market norms – and we guide you through the setup process in just a few clicks.

global benefits

Select life insurance, retirement benefits, medical, and travel insurance. You only have to do this once for each country you hire in, and it only takes a few minutes.

“For Globalization Partners to have those offerings on the table even further made me feel good that we can deliver this world-class benefits package in and outside the U.S.”
– Jerrod Engelberg, CEO, Codecov

Read more about how Codecov, a fast-growing startup, maximizes their resources with our platform and experts.

3. Reporting and insights for all stakeholders

Our platform doesn’t just enable compliant global employment – it reports on data to help you make informed strategic decisions.

Want to see the full cost of benefits in a country? Need to know how many people have enrolled in a specific plan?

total benefits cost

In addition, you’re in control of payroll and you can make changes anytime you need to. Easily add bonuses and commissions, and make any salary adjustments.

payroll overview


“We’re not getting multiple stories. We’re not getting conflicting questions. We have a single point of record for everything, and all our invoices live in one place. It’s an easier story to tell and definitely easier for our accounting team to manage.”
– Martha Angle, Vice President of Global Human Resources, OneStream Software

Read more about how OneStream Software hired quickly in South Africa, and expanded their global team with our help.

Explore our platform

Global employment is complex, but now – it doesn’t have to be.

Take the guided tour today to go deeper and explore the platform.

You can also book a live demo with our team of experts to see additional features like:

  • Integrations
  • Additional reporting dashboards
  • The employee’s experience
  • Adding bonuses and commissions

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