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Your Clients' Global Expansion Platform

Globalization Partners has trailblazed the Global PEO and Employer of Record industry by combining unmatched international legal and HR expertise with a proprietary, privacy-by-design Global Expansion Platform.™  Through our model, we enable companies to hire teams in 150+ countries without having to set up branch offices or subsidiaries.

Help your clients quickly expand operations into a new country without the burden of deciphering local labor and tax laws or setting up their own entity.

Book a meeting and a member of our partnership team will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

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Global Expansion Platform.™

Backed by a best-in-industry legal team and HR experts on the ground.

Privacy Shield Certified

The only global PEO Privacy Shield Certified for both HR and non-HR data.

90% Global Market Coverage

Our entities cover 90% of the markets your clients want to expand to.

What We Do

End-to-end solution platform for compliance, taxes, benefits, and payroll.

Locally Compliant Employment Contract

Automated Payroll

Tax and Labor Law Compliance

Client Services and Legal Team

Statutory Benefits & Supplemental Benefits

Expense Reimbursement
Supporting Your Clients’ International Needs
  • Expansion into international markets
  • Outlier employee management
  • Contractor conversion
  • Multi-national M&A carveouts/divestitures carveouts and divestitures
International-Domestic Partnership Benefits
  • Capture the growing demand for global products & services
  • Leverage our international expertise and infrastructure
  • Increase revenue, manage client risk, and support global growth
  • Get your clients’ clients up and running anywhere in the world in days
We manage the risk; you grow your business.

Make it easy for your clients to expand their workforce globally without legal, tax, and HR burdens.

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