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Disrupting Traditional HR and Employment Practices


Today, traditional HR and employment practices are being overhauled by a number of factors, seemingly all at once: the prevalence of remote work, employees’ shifting priorities and preferences regarding benefits, work-life balance and mental health, and the very relationship between companies and employees in changing times. So how can globally minded companies keep a pulse on attractive employment offerings across a variety of markets, with talent retention always in their sights?

On this episode, Host Thomas Merchant is joined by two members of the team at HUB International: Miguel Santos, Global Benefits Practice Director, and Andrea Goodkin, People and Technology Practice Leader. Together, they discuss how the expectations of both companies and talent are changing, what strategies HR teams can use to create attractive benefit programs, how they can promote a culture of innovation and experimentation in their employment practices, and more. So press play and listen to this episode of G-P’s Pangeo Perspectives, Your Guide to Global Growth.

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