Over a million people have fled the Ukraine to neighboring EU countries in the past week. Many more arrivals throughout the EU are expected in the coming weeks and months. Individuals’ primary concern is safety for themselves and their families, but eventually individuals who have left their home country will need options to continue to work and earn money for their families.  Financial sanctions are also having an immediate global economic impact and are limiting access to banking and financial institutions as well as creating swings in currency values.  Employers and employees are suddenly and urgently seeking alternative work solutions and payment solutions to help them manage this ever-changing situation.

Work Mobility and Visa Requirements

The pandemic accelerated the need to work remotely, and the current geopolitical crisis now highlights the need for visa solutions. In the current crisis, the immediate priority is for individuals to seek safety and even refugee status.  In the long term, visas will be a necessary part of the solution. Though many countries such as Poland, Ireland, and the UK are relaxing or adjusting their visa rules for Ukrainian refugees, and ETIAS is implementing a European Visa Waiver for Ukrainian citizens, these options tend to provide short-term stays. It is conceivable that more robust solutions will be needed to address the scale of the current humanitarian crisis.

Globalization Partners is working closely with our partners to monitor changing government policies related to remote working. We are also getting daily updates about individuals’ ability to obtain work permits in European countries. As of this writing, visas may still be required for long term stays, to work in-country, or to finalize permanent relocation/residency requests. In these cases, once an individual has reached safety and is considering their visa options, the Globalization Partners Visa Sponsorship solution may provide a quick and compliant option for employers wishing to support their team members as they relocate.

Employer Visa Sponsorship

Managing a global visa and immigration program is daunting and hugely time consuming but at a time of crisis it needs to be quick, flexible, and compliant. Globalization Partners’ compliant employment platform offers an Employer Visa Sponsorship in 31 countries which may be an effective solution for many employers wishing to help their employees relocate.

Globalization Partners works with a trusted team of visa and immigration experts, attorneys, and qualified migration consultants with more than 30 years’ experience that bring a wide range of public, private, and legislative backgrounds, anchored by decades of deep experience in mobility, travel, and relocation programs. This team solves the toughest talent and compliance challenges anywhere in the world.

With its own entities in over 100 countries and experts on the ground in 187 countries, Globalization Partners has both the global scale and the local footprint to serve its customers particularly in a time of urgent need. It aims to simplify the challenges associated with applying for visas in the countries where customers require support and currently does so in 30+ countries.

Globalization Partners’ Services

In addition to Globalization Partners’ proprietary, AI-enabled, automated, and compliant global employment platform, customers receive around the clock access to the industry’s largest and most experienced team of global HR experts who can assist with questions about hiring talent in over 187 countries.

The Globalization Partners Visa Sponsorship service is inclusive of initial and follow-up consultations regarding strategy and processing, status updates, document compilation, and file management. It is important to remember however that Globalization Partners does not provide immigration advice or guarantee that a visa application will be successful. We work with a highly skilled network of professional, certified partners who advise customers directly in this regard.

The current crisis and the global response remain highly dynamic. Globalization Partners will continue to monitor, respond, and support our customers and their team members however we can. If you or someone on your team needs immediate support, please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager at support@globalization-partners.zendesk.com.

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