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ADP Knowledge Summit


About this event

The last few years have brought an onslaught of change to the HR industry and HR technology in particular. The rise of artificial intelligence. The growth of the gig economy. The demand for Pay Equity. The availability of Big Data and Analytics. Along with many other headline disruptors. As we enter 2020 it’s only appropriate to look ahead for a glimpse of which HR trends will continue to drive transformation and how HR Technology will continue to evolve to keep up.

At this fall’s HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas ADP’s Next Gen HCM platform won the Top HR Product and Awesome New Technology Awards. This Summit will present an opportunity to hear firsthand from ADP, other industry experts and local HR leaders on just what the future holds for HR Technology.

Topics of Discussion will include:

  • Next Gen HCM and the impact on organizations
  • Current and Future HR Trends
  • “Owning” the Strategic Decision-Making Table
  • Driving organizational success through technology
  • Internal Stakeholder Management
  • Achieving organizational technology adoption


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