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Experience a Live Demo of G-P Meridian Suite™ on August 9



Reggie ClairvilleSales Support Engineer at G-P

About this event

Borders are no longer boundaries to building high-performing teams. Today, companies are leveraging technology to access international talent and accelerate global expansion. At G-P, we understand that not all global growth journeys are the same. That’s why we’ve created the first fully customizable suite of global employment products, G-P Meridian Suite™, to help you find, hire, onboard, and manage talent anywhere in the world – without setting up entities.

Join our global hiring expert, Reggie Clairville, for a first-hand look at our technology’s key functionalities, including:

  • The Employer Burden Calculator, an easy-to-use tool that helps companies compare countries to identify the best options for global expansion
  • Simplifies, step-by-step onboarding
  • Payroll management with flexible payment options
  • Legally compliant contract generation
  • Background checks


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