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Remote Hiring on One Global Growth Platform™ – Jan 10, 2023



Reggie ClairvilleSales Support Engineer at G-P

About this event

See the #1 Global Growth Platform™ in Action

G-P’s platform simplifies and increases access to opportunities for companies and talent globally. Join us in this 30-minute demo with our expansion expert, Reggie Clairville, to get exclusive insights into the technology that will help your business succeed faster.

Learn more about our improved interface and discover our newest features that include:

  • Upgraded Employment Contract Generator to help you scale your teams even faster
  • Advanced integrations and APIs to sync employee data across multiple platforms
  • Enhanced G-P Contractor to support throughout their entire lifecycle
  • Automated virtual assistant to provide real-time, on-platform support
  • Greater reports & insights to make better expansion decisions
  • Improved security to protect you and your employees’ data


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