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Niger Recruiting & Hiring

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Hiring the perfect job candidates for your open positions will make or break your new company location in Niger. When you first built your company, you probably relied on your employees to make it what it is today. The same will be true during an expansion. However, you need to find the time to recruit candidates, learn Niger’s employment compliance laws, and more.

That’s why Globalization Partners offers Niger hiring outsourcing services through our subsidiary in the country. As a global PEO, we have entities all around the world that we can use to help you start working faster without the worry of compliance. We’ll either onboard the candidates you’ve already chosen or recruit top talent for you, making sure you can start working in a few days instead of a few months.

Recruiting in Niger

Along with the excitement of expanding your business in Niger comes the challenge of navigating an unfamiliar culture. Your typical approach to interviews might not be as effective in a country where your prospective employees have different backgrounds, expectations, and attitudes. You can make sure the process of staffing in Niger goes as smoothly as possible by taking some time to learn about the country’s business etiquette before you start scheduling meetings and interviews. Consider the following tips as you begin sourcing talent abroad.

1. Appreciate Punctuality, but Don’t Expect It

Time management varies throughout Niger. In the cities, people tend to place a higher value on punctuality than they do in more rural areas. You should always plan to arrive on time for meetings and interviews, but don’t be surprised if a candidate shows up a bit late. Meetings are usually flexible, starting once everyone arrives rather than at the scheduled time. 

2. Try to Learn a Few Words in the Local Language

Niger’s official language is French, and several indigenous languages are spoken in-country as well. It’s a good idea to learn at least a few words in the local language. In business settings, people tend to greet each other using French titles. You might also consider having one side of your business card translated and printed in French.

3. Take Time to Greet Prospective Employees 

Greetings are very important in Niger. When two men meet, they exchange a warm handshake. A woman greeting another woman, on the other hand, might offer a handshake or hold both of her hands up to the sides of the other woman’s face. Some religious women in Niger prefer not to shake hands with men, so it’s best for the men to wait for women to initiate greetings. Regardless of gender, you should always shake with your right hand rather than your left.

What Is the Recruitment Process in Niger Like?

Learning about Niger’s cultural nuances will help you through meetings and interviews, but you’ll also need to plan for the logistics of the recruitment process. Are you planning to outsource recruiting, or do you want to handle it in-house? Do you know the country’s best channels for sourcing talent? How familiar are you with the laws your company will need to comply with when you’re staffing in Niger? You’ll want to consider all of these aspects of the process before you begin your expansion.

Personal recommendations and word of mouth are some of the most common methods for recruiting in Niger. If your company is just entering the Nigerien market, you might not have much success with these channels. You may want to consider partnering with a global PEO that already has an established presence and a subsidiary in-country. Alternatively, you can try advertising your open positions in local newspapers and on job boards. 

A local hiring agency is another option if you want to outsource the recruitment process. Keep in mind, though, that some agencies come with steep fees. It’s also important to remember that your company will still be responsible for compliance when you hire employees through a recruiting agency, whereas a global PEO would act as your Employer of Record and shoulder the risks on your behalf.

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Niger

Under the Nigerien constitution, all citizens have the right to work. The law also forbids discrimination within the framework of citizens’ work and employment opportunities. The constitution doesn’t outline any particular characteristics that are protected from discrimination, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. In general, you should avoid asking prospective employees questions about any traits that aren’t inherently required for the position.

Citizens are allowed to join trade unions under Nigerien law, so a candidate’s membership should not factor into any hiring decisions for your company.

Niger Employment Compliance Laws

Niger has several important employment compliance laws that you must follow. For example, Niger’s 2010 Labor Code requires all companies to hire Nigerien nationals through direct recruitment or public or private hiring agencies. Before you terminate an employment contract, you have to consult with the Inspector of Labor. You also need to make sure you provide a safe working environment that allows employees to do their work and stay compliant.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

After you learn how to hire employees in Niger, you also need to learn how to onboard them. We recommend reviewing the employment contract, your company’s important documents, and similar elements to make sure your employees understand their relationship with your company. You can even go a step further by providing job training that will make employees more comfortable with their position.

It’s also a good idea to travel to Niger for the onboarding process. You can schedule several employees to start during the same week, then have one meeting with all of them where you make them feel welcome.

Benefits of Niger Hiring Outsourcing

Outsourcing your Niger hiring process through Globalization Partners will save you time and unnecessary stress. We can hire employees who work for you and add them to our compliant payroll. Once we do, we’ll act as the Employer of Record to shoulder all Niger employment compliance regulations. Overall, you’ll be able to start working in just a day or two instead of months after you establish a subsidiary.

Contact Globalization Partners for More Information

When you start to plan your expansion to Niger, don’t wait to contact Globalization Partners. We’ll help through Niger hiring outsourcing and an entire suite of global expansion services.

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