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The Triple Bottom Line: Globalization Partners’ Strategy for Rocketship Growth



February 25, 2019 – The following is a statement from Globalization Partners founder and CEO Nicole Sahin:

If you’ve ever been to a DMV, you might have seen that old cartoon that says: “FAST, CHEAP, GOOD—PICK TWO.” Conventional wisdom is similar when you start a company. People will tell you that you can’t have fast growth, happy customers AND happy employees.

Those people are wrong. One of the most common questions I get as the founder and CEO is: Can a start-up delight clients, provide a great work culture, and see exceptional growth metrics? The answer is yes, you absolutely can.

I know this because at Globalization Partners we’ve done it—and part of our mission is to pass that know-how on to our clients. When I founded this company, my goal was to build a high-growth business that would enable anyone to hire employees anywhere, without the red tape traditionally associated with global expansion. But I also wanted to build a company people love— customers, business partners, and employees. Fast forward a few years and I’m happy to report we’ve had rocket-ship growth numbers, 95% of our clients say that they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with our services, but perhaps what makes me most proud is we’re also able to regularly win awards for our company culture. We haven’t had to make a trade off, and neither should you.

The secret to balancing this success is what I call the Triple Bottom Line: prioritizing happy clients, happy employees, and happy shareholders.

While a Triple Bottom Line may sound like an obvious formula for growth, it might also feel unrealistic. Its anathema to the typical blitz scaling mantra right now, which is “growth at all costs.” But the reality is, companies who focus only on growth end up underpaying people and treating customers so poorly that growth is ultimately unsustainable.

I wasn’t sure if the Triple Bottom Line would be achievable when I set out to build my business, but I knew I didn’t want to be in business any other way. Now, Globalization Partners is proof that the Triple Bottom Line is an exceptionally good strategy for growth.

Read more about how we’ve done it.

About Nicole Sahin, CEO, Globalization Partners
CEO Nicole Sahin’s mission is to make it easy for any company to expand into any country as easily as they hire team members in the United States. Her current focus is building the world’s most competent and trustworthy Global PEO to meet the standards of the company’s Fortune 500 clients. She led Globalization Partners to a ranking of No. 33 on the 2017 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, No. 6 on the 2016 Inc. 500 list, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year in New England, and has won numerous awards for breaking the traditional corporate mold by building a nationally-recognized company culture.

About Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners, a Global Expansion Platform renowned for pioneering the Global Employer of Record model, helps companies expand internationally into more than 170 countries without the hassle of setting up overseas branch offices and subsidiaries. Through our platform, companies can quickly and easily hire employees overseas without having to navigate complex international legal, tax and HR issues. Whether it’s to test a new market or to expand the talent pool globally, Globalization Partners is the most trustworthy global workforce management solution in the market. We take the burden—and risk—of global expansion off our clients’ shoulders and place it onto ours.

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