Global Guide to Hiring Independent Contractors in LATAM

About this ebook

If you require a new team for short-term projects, why not hire contractors in one of the world’s most popular hiring hubs?

When embarking on a new project that requires workers to be hired fast, sourcing the best team as swiftly as possible is vital. To save money and time, companies can hire independent contractors internationally. Independent contractors are usually highly skilled in their professional disciplines, meaning they require no training and can begin a new project right away.

In recent years, Latin America has gained much attention thanks to its various popular hiring hubs and tech destinations, such as Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and its numerous multilingual, educated professionals ready to work.

In this guide, we look at the benefits of hiring contractors, and where companies can begin their search for contractors in Latin America.

Download our eBook to get further insights into:

  • Key differences between hiring employees versus hiring contractors.
  • Talent profiles of the most popular hiring hubs in Latin America.
  • Steps required to start hiring independent contractors in the region.

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