How Does a Global Employer of Record Support a Payroll Company?

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The winning combination for clients with compliant and efficient growth aspirations

Payroll management companies have reached a level of sophistication that offers their clients end-to-end solutions. Combining expertise and technology, they can provide automatic and seamless processing of payroll calculations and tax statements; year-end local, state, and federal taxes; deposit withdrawals and withholding or paying garnishments; and new-hire reporting, to name a few advantages. However, these payroll companies might struggle to nurture clients’ international growth aspirations.

Today, payroll companies can add a competitive edge for clients, offloading the administrative and compliance side of hiring to focus on strengthening their business model and expanding their client base. Payroll management companies stand to benefit from partnering with full stack global employment platforms such as Globalization Partners, as they unlock the capacity to follow their clients, wherever and whenever they wish to hire new talent abroad.

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  • Why payroll management and a global employment platform are a winning combination for accountability and hiring support.
  • How payroll management companies can position themselves as strategic allies to their clients via a partnership with Globalization Partners.
  • How payroll management companies can obtain a seamless market testing solution for their clients.

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