Set Up the Launch Pad for Your Global Portfolio

About this quick guide

Prepare Your Portfolio Companies for International Success

The fast-paced and increasingly borderless business world is ripe with opportunity. Portfolio companies are capitalizing on their equity partners’ expertise and funding for international expansion, and want advice on how to achieve global growth successfully and at blazing speed.

Strategic partnerships are poised to be a significant driver behind growth across the business spectrum. Private equity firms that partner with a global Employer of Record (EOR) unlock the world for their portfolio companies.

With this quick guide, you will learn:

  • How portfolio companies benefit from your partnership with an EOR.
  • How private equity firms can offer international expansion at lightning speed.
  • Why private equity firms rely on Globalization Partners’ expertise.

About us

Globalization Partners provides private equity firms with HR, legal, and operational support so that their portfolio companies can test and enter new markets. We partner with industry leaders to help their firm’s portfolio companies drive value and growth through international expansion.

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