Generational Diversity: Fostering Understanding and Patience in the Global Workplace


Allie KovalikSr. Community & Culture Manager

About this webinar

Generational diversity is one of today’s prominent topics for global companies. Brands with a commitment to pluralism and inclusion bring together professionals from different backgrounds, perspectives, and ages — leading to unique challenges and opportunities. One such challenge is fostering an environment where generations can collaborate and communicate effectively with one another.

Join G-P’s Sr. Manager of Community and Culture Allie Kovalik as she explores the importance of building a generationally diverse, collaborative global workplace that drives innovation and achievement. Allie will also share insights on the role of leaders in promoting cultural sensitivity and empathy and highlight strategies for overcoming barriers to effective communication in a multigenerational setting.

Attendees of the webinar will gain:

  • Practical strategies for overcoming communication and collaboration barriers.
  • A new outlook on the role of leaders in fostering respect and patience across generations.
  • A greater understanding of the benefits and challenges of generational diversity.

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