Measuring Success: How to Track Employee Performance in a Remote-First World


Diane AlbanoChief Revenue Officer

About this webinar

Effective management requires clear data and thorough data analysis. The capacity to collect, process and draw relevant conclusions from different data sources is vital to developing effective HR policies and critical to assessing the overall health of your company.

When everyone was working at your headquarters, regular check-ins, all-team meetings and even lunchtime breaks were sources of knowledge sharing and status updates. But now that everyone is working virtually, how do you accurately measure key aspects of your company’s success, such as employee performance and well-being? How can you adapt traditional sales, marketing and employee satisfaction KPIs to the reality of remote work and hybrid teams?

In this program, Globalization Partners’ chief revenue officer Diane Albano leads a conversation about the immediate challenge of measuring organizational success in the era of global remote teams, covering the most relevant questions for individuals focused on enhancing their company’s productivity, culture and employee happiness, including:

  • Should you consider measuring productivity through software tools?
  • How can you measure the efficiency of your teams when everyone is working in different time zones?
  • How can you keep employee morale high while setting new performance KPIs?
  • How should you consider cultural differences when collecting performance data?

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