Why 2020 International Expansion Could Be Your Greatest Competitive Advantage


Larry NaughtonMember, Mintz
Kathrin KoedderitzSales Director EMEA, Globalization Partners
Yvonne McCagueManaging Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Dónal TraversHead of Technology Group, IDA Ireland

About this webinar

Expand globally? Now? Though it may seem counter-intuitive, times of crisis and uncertainty present organizations with unique growth opportunities.

Businesses that separate from the pack and actively work to adapt to the new environment, whether through pivoting products and infrastructure, pursuing merger or acquisition opportunities, or entering new markets – those businesses have the resilient mindset needed to overcome current challenges and will likely see their investment pay off beyond 2020.

Our expert panel will discuss how to identify these opportunities in the market as well as how to position them to internal stakeholders for buy-in and consensus.

We will cover:

  • The Market Opportunities: from a new influx of global top talent becoming available to changing demands in emerging markets, businesses benefit from moving quickly.
  • The Legal and Financial Challenges: how can organizations take action, but do so in a way that is legally compliant and financially sound?
  • Maximizing Immediate Returns & Investing for Long-Term Benefits: what are the keys to balancing the need for revenue now and the challenges of holding and growing market share, but ensuring the foundation is laid for future growth? Plus, the importance of social & cultural alignment in an increasingly regionalized marketplace and the role of government.

Global thinking. Global growth.
Let’s go.