Winning the War on Talent in a Post-Brexit World

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Brexit and Covid have created both opportunities and challenges for companies, especially when it comes to hiring and retaining talent.

Brexit has disrupted both the supply of and demand for global talent in the UK. What can UK-based companies do to overcome this hurdle?

It’s essential that companies revise their long-term strategy for hiring and recruiting UK talent. For example, organizations hoping to acquire top talent must stay up to date with key business trends like migration statistics. According to PwC’s UK Economic Output report, this year, there may be a negative figure for net migration for the first time since 1993 — this means there are more people leaving the UK than coming to settle.

Prior to Brexit, British employment levels reached an all-time high. However, as the flow of talent from the European Union continues to dwindle, companies operating in the UK should be ready to face an increasingly challenging talent market.

“With the right mindset and support from a global Employer of Record, UK firms can hire employees in other countries without the legal, tax, and HR burdens — making it easier and quicker for UK companies to grow global teams,” said Nick Adams, Vice President EMEA, Globalization Partners, in an exclusive interview with leading publisher of special-interest content, Raconteur with The Times, UK.

Read the rest of the interview for more insights from Adams on trending post-Brexit topics, including:

  • The challenges and opportunities for companies in a post-Brexit world.
  • How UK companies can manage workforce mobility in the post-Brexit world.
  • Trends that will shape global recruitment in the next five years.

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