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In recent years, Paraguay has emerged as one of the leading South American countries in economic development and industrial force. If you’re planning to take advantage of this growth by expanding to the country, you’ll need a workforce of dedicated employees. From learning how to get a work visa in Paraguay to ensuring that every employee has a work permit, compliance can take a significant amount of time and money.

Types of Work Visas in Paraguay

Any foreign national entering Paraguay must have a visa unless they’re from a visa-exempt country, including all European Union (EU) citizens, many South American countries, and more. Individuals from eligible visa-exempt countries can enter Paraguay for up to 90 days as long as they have a valid passport.

People from non-visa-exempt countries must obtain a business visa before entering Paraguay. This visa is valid for a 90-day stay and allows multiple entries into the country. Holders may extend their visa for another 90 days if necessary. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as Paraguay’s embassies and consulates abroad, will issue approved visa documents after getting details about the purpose of the visit, the individual’s employment status, and your company.

Paraguay recently implemented a new immigration law in December 2022, restructuring the previously established immigration categories and requirements. Available work visas are:

  • Short-Term Residence: A short-term visa for foreigners traveling to Paraguay for a temporary work assignment – valid for up to 90 days and renewable once
  • Temporary Residence: A two-year, once-renewable permit allowing a foreign national to live and work in Paraguay, as well as apply for a Paraguayan identity card valid (previously only available to permanent residents)
  • Permanent Residence: A 10-year visa available to foreign nationals who have held a Temporary Residence permit for two years

Keep in mind that any person entering Paraguay for less than 90 days for activities that aren’t paid does not have to obtain a work permit. However, most of your employees will need a permit that corresponds with their type of job and the length of time they’ll work for your company. Most companies seeking long-term employees will opt for a permanent work permit, as it provides all the benefits of living and working in Paraguay.

Requirements to Obtain Paraguay Work Visas

Typically, your employees will need to schedule a time to apply for a visa in person at the consulate or embassy in their country of residence. They’ll need to provide:

  • An original passport that’s valid for at least six months
  • A completed and signed visa application form
  • A color, passport-sized photo
  • A pre-paid return envelope to mail the visa back when it’s ready
  • The required payment

Your employees can then apply for a work permit after arriving in Paraguay. They will need:

  • A passport
  • A clean police record
  • A birth certificate
  • A certificate showing marriage or divorce
  • A medical certificate issued in Paraguay
  • A certificate of their life and residence permit from Paraguay
  • An affidavit issued in Paraguay
  • A document from the National Police of Paraguay

Application Process

Before your employees can apply for a work permit, they’ll need a concrete job offer. The country currently has a lack of skilled workers in certain sectors, so it may be easier to obtain a permit for certain jobs that will benefit Paraguay’s economy. Keep in mind that if your employees have a spouse or partner with a Paraguay work permit, they may not need their own.

The first step to getting a work permit in Paraguay is collecting all the necessary documents. As the employer, you’ll need to provide certain additional documents, including the employee’s passport, CV, employment contract, educational certificates, achievement records, and work history. Then, the applicant should travel to Paraguay, open a bank account, go through a medical exam, obtain the affidavit, and submit their application with the country’s Consulate General. They will typically get their work permit and permanent residence permit card, which is valid for five years, in 90 days.

Other Important Considerations

There’s a different visa application process for minors under 18. These individuals must apply through their parents or legal guardian, and both parents must sign the minor’s application. If the minor is traveling alone or with just one parent, Paraguay requires written authorization signed before a notary public.

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