Edge out the Competition: Elevate the Employee Experience to Retain Top Talent No Matter Where They Are


Diane AlbanoChief Revenue Officer Globalization Partners
Matthew ReevesCo-Founder & CEO, Together Software

About this webinar

Remote work has revolutionized how companies grow and acquire talent. But it has also created new challenges, as some essential interactions and processes that once relied heavily on in-person communication must be completely redesigned.

The technologies chosen to engage with a remote global team are critical to success. Shifting to fully asynchronous communication, checking in frequently and consistently, and setting up centralized information sharing are essential steps all companies have to take.

How do you identify areas to improve in your employee experience? How do you design a remote workplace that leverages just enough technology, but not too much?

Join Diane Albano, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer at Globalization Partners, and Matthew Reeves, CEO at Together Software, in this session to learn:

  • How to create a valuable and engaging remote onboarding experience, no matter where your employees are located.
  • Why having a mentorship scheme in your organization could be vital to your success.
  • How to build happier, more productive international teams.

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